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Youth Day

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I was a bit bratty yesterday on Father’s Day. The cause was a mixture of the gnawing pain in my neck and girly hormones run amok.

The day started off well enough. My sister and I arranged to meet our parents at a local coffee shop situated at a nursery to celebrate father’s day and make a bit of a fuss. That part was great and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Michael was on the golf-course for the second day running, as it happened to be club champs. No problem there.

When he arrived home, he headed for the pc and started with some work. I was on the wings, complaining about my neck pain. Without looking up, he murmured, “Um, that’s nice.” I was not pleased. When I’m in a mood like I was in, I can be fairly high maintenance. Especially if I feel like I’m being ignored.

I tried to come up with a reason why I was owed something for it being father’s day, and failed. Instead, I ferreted out an old, dusty, rarely celebrated anniversary – the date when M officially asked me to be his girlfriend, eight years ago. I informed him  of it, and he was not suitably impressed. I’m ashamed to admit that I lost it a  bit at that point, and wished him a ‘Happy F***ing Anniversary!’ Not my finest hour.

Fortunately, he was all chilled out from the morning’s golf, and didn’t take me seriously at all.

I got a grip on myself, and we ended up having quite a nice evening. The truth is, I did enjoy father’s day. I am lucky enough to have two fathers in my life who are great role models. Michael and I come from good stock. We are blessed to have our fathers live so close to us that we could spend some time with them yesterday.

Today was Youth Day. Its history doesn’t mark South Africa’s finest hour. But at least we have come a long way since those dismal apartheid times.

I claimed dibs on Youth Day, because as I explained to Michael, I’m much younger than him (8.5 yrs to be exact). Practically a youth by comparison. Obviously I’m a delusional 28 yo, but I reckoned it was worth a shot, lol.

Youth Day was lovely. We spent it together, had a really nice lunch, watched a movie and even watched the last coupla hours of the US Open (golf tournament). I’m not known for being a sports watcher but it was absolutely riveting stuff to watch Tiger Woods snatch victory from underdog Rocco Mediate, who gave it a really good shot. Rocco was one shot ahead right up to the end. They ended up playing sudden death, with Woods demonstrating just exactly why it is that he is a living legend, and chalking up his 14th win at a major.

My neck is still pretty sore. I really don’t want to go back to the chiro’s for a repeat performance, but if it doesn’t improve soon, I might have to. I’m going to bed now, and with any luck it will feel better tomorrow.


Written by Maggie

June 17, 2008 at 12:32 am

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  1. You have every right to want some TLC when you aren’t feeling well. Every right. Not proper of my boet not to give it to you when he was away at golf all day long.


    June 17, 2008 at 8:32 am

  2. LOL Maggie I have to smile at you with your off day on Fathers day. Glad it ended up nicely though


    June 17, 2008 at 1:01 pm

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