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…are annoying little people. Can’t trust ’em.

There I was, innocently sitting on a chair, when my two year old nephew undid my pony tail and started brushing my hair for me. The chair was low to the ground, so he was able to reach. I was apprehensive about it, because I don’t really like other people fiddling with my hair. I’m pretty kleinseerig about it.

But he was doing it so gently and soothingly that I let my guard down. As soon as the attention was off him though, and I began chatting to my sister again, I got a ringing blow to the head with the hairbrush. Actually saw stars there for a moment, lol. Little bugger.

Toddlers can seriously be glad they are so cute.

If they don’t get what they want, that cutesy little facade comes crashing down and a screeching tantrum ensues.

My sister (now living in Australia) remains my mothering hero. When her daughters were toddlers (they are nearly exactly a year apart in age) they threw a collective tantrum in the shops because she didn’t want to buy them crisps. One of those real, thrashing-on-the-floor, vloermoer types of tantrums.

Well, my sister got down on the floor and proceeded to throw a tantrum of her own, complete with heel drumming and screechy bawling.

The girls were so embarassed that they stopped their tantrumming on the spot and just walked off. And they never tantrummed again. I just love that story.

Toddlers – gotta love ’em. Just don’t let them near your head with a hair-brush.

Written by Maggie

July 2, 2008 at 5:46 pm

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