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Roller-coaster ride from hell

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Wow, this week has been a bitch and then some. Side-effects galore from the meds. Good thing, I suppose because hopefully it means that it is working. Although, must say, haven’t noticed much improvement of my symptoms yet. Probably a bit early to tell.

This month has not been good for me. I’ve never had to have IV treatment so close together before, i.e. two weeks apart. Not fun. Plus the head cold in between. (Have I mentioned that once or twice yet?)

Yesterday, I felt really tired and flat, emotionally. Didn’t go with to Jo’ies, just couldn’t handle it. My mom says my granddad is looking very tired and old. Could barely lift his head up to talk to them. When she left, after the visit, she said, “How about a smile before I go?” And she says he gave her the most beautiful smile. I want to cry just hearing about it.

I love that old guy so much. Had such a good visit with him last month. Can’t believe how much he has gone down in a month.

We affectionately call him and my granny ‘The Wrinklies’. Oupa Wrinkly and Granny Wrinkly. They are so close to my heart. Why is the cycle of life so cruel? I hate that they are old and battling. Such great people I am descended from. Real classy folk.

My parents also visited my sister, Annie and little Sarah-Kate, who is just the cutest little thing ever. She has red hair which grows in a little punky mohawk on top of her head, lol. My mom says it looks like a little cock’s comb 🙂

I am feeling marginally better today. Less depressed, anyway. Covered in a rash and spots, though. The cortisone is very heavy on my skin. I have these painful little blisters around my eyebrows. Know from experience that they will be gone in a week, but still.

I felt in a trouble-making mood yesterday, but managed (through no mean feat) not to make any trouble, lol. I did write quite a ridiculous blog-post which probably wouldn’t have gone down that well. Fortunately, I didn’t post it. Just wrote it, and then deleted in the sobering light of day this morning. There is a lot to be said for letting a post like that air before it goes to print. Funny how some issues that you never even really acknowledged can come up at a time like this.

On a different topic, I have been having fun watching some of the Olympics. My favourite sports to watch are volley-ball, table-tennis, rhythmic gymnastics and diving. Earlier in the week, I caught the quarter finals of the women’s volley-ball between USA and Italy. I was rooting heavily for the Italians. Such nice looking, pretty girls. Excellant viewing. They had two sets each, and a great final, with the USA snatching victory at the end.  Just one question? Why do the girls (on both teams) keep patting each other’s behinds? Comraderie? Team-support?

Today, I watched the group rhythmic gymnastics event. Once again, I was very taken with the Italian girls. They are so cute and were in line for second place when I stopped watching. That to me is just the most entertaining event ever. It’s like watching a finely choreographed dance extravaganza and circus act, all in one. Such unbelievable skill. I always wanted to be a rhythmic gymnast when I was a little girl. My sister and I would cut ourselves a bamboo rod each to twirl and throw as well as a set of plastic skittles we had. We used to entertain ourselves for absolute hours practising. What fun. We only used to go back indoors when it got too dark to see and we kept hitting each other (and ourselves) on the head with skittles. I’m so glad I wasn’t an only child. My sister is the single best thing my parents ever got for me. lol.

When I was a little kid, I have this memory of my mom giving me a couple of really wonderful sweets. The wrapper had a white rabbit on the front and each sweet had a layer of rice paper around it that melted in your mouth as soon as you popped it in. Inside was a sweet, milky toffee, really nice with a distinctive taste. This is one of my earliest memories. We never had those sweets again.

Years later, my mom told me a story from her nursing days. She says there was a Chinese lady in the Jo’burg General that she was nursing. Couldn’t speak a word of English, but was a firm favourite among the staff because a) she was nice, and b) she waved this bag of White Rabbits around everytime a nurse came near her. And the nurses flocked around her like honey, because everyone loved the White Rabbits and the Chinese lady had a seemingly unending supply. She’d offer you the bag, and say, “White Wabbit,” my mom told me fondly.

So the other day, I asked Michael to drop me off at the mall where I wanted to get a pizza. While I was waiting for the pizza, I walked around and popped into a little Chinese shop. I bought a fortune cookie each for Michael and I, because we’ve never had before. (Note: My fortune said, “You will be rid of a burden not your own in the first place”. Any luck that it could be my MS?)

At the counter, what did I see? Only a packet of White Rabbit creamy candies, all the way from Shanghai, China! For only R9.50. I got two packets, one for myself and one for my mom.

She was so surprised when I phoned her up and told her I’d gotten us White Wabbit sweets. She said she’s always been on the look-out for them, but could never find any. When I told her of my early memory of them, she said that she must have gotten them on a trip to Sun City, where one can get exotic sweets.

She came to visit me the following afternoon and did we ever have the best time polishing off those Wabbits?! When that taste hit my m outh it was such a trigger for the memory of when I last ate them, 24 years ago. Even the wrapper was so familiar. I can’t believe that a sweet could have that big an impact on one. It is just something so different. I did a search online for it, and it turns out there is quite a cult following for it, ha ha. The edible rice-paper wrapper and funky outer wrapper, must be. I’ve come full ‘Wabbit’ circle this week 😉

I love obscure memories from my childhood.

White Rabbit

Tin of White Rabbit Sweets.jpg

Anyway, better stop warbling on and go and put some supper on for Michael. He’s getting porterhouse steak and organic veggies tonight.

Yesterday, I made some pretty good lentil soup (if I do say so myself) with portobellini mushrooms and baby leeks. And a bit of miso for the flavour.

It’s actually something I’m working on at the  moment. My cooking. I’m trying out some new stuff. I tend to get in a bit of a rut and make the same thing every day. Especially when I’m feeling like I have this week.

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August 22, 2008 at 5:38 pm

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  1. That was such a wonderful read… I have such a craving for a white rabbit sweet now. I love those things!

    Hope you continue to feel better and the yucky symptoms go away now!



    August 22, 2008 at 10:16 pm

  2. I love White Rabbit Candies!! OMG! I haven’t had them in years! I’m going to go try to find some now!


    August 27, 2008 at 9:36 pm

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