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Michael and I are in full-throttle ‘moving-mode’.

It took me a month, but I am now very excited about the move and whole change-of-scenery thing.

We are being brutally selective about what we are taking with us. There is no room for sentamentality when you are de-junking.

I never realised it before, but I have been suffocated by the clutter around me and am determined that it will not follow us to our new abode. I want open spaces.

I can’t help but feel a  bit sad at leaving our flat. We have been living here for seven years – nearly our whole married life, and have been so happy here. I’m already a bit nostalgic.

Then I realised that we will be taking our happiness with us. It is not a place, but something inside us, that we have together. We can take it anywhere.

So, we are moving on Tuesday. M is taking the day off work. Can’t wait.

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September 27, 2008 at 12:02 pm

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Yeah, okay, my bad – trout do swim upstream to spawn. Better that I go and grovel an apology to Michael for making him look stupid when, sadly, I am the ignoramus around here. Yet another good example of the need to shut up when you don’t, in fact, know what you’re talking about.

While doing my search on the determined little trout (I belatedly decided I’d better check my facts) I came upon this astonishing and marvelous article here. The internet truly is remarkable.

This is really the best thing I have read in ages, an inspiring tale of a bid for freedom, against the odds.

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September 21, 2008 at 8:33 pm

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Bad, bad blogger…

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That’s me. I promise an update and then disappear for a week without a whisper. Very bad style that, my apologies.

The enjoyable day I had (which I can barely remember now, lol) was going to a small town in the Free State with Michael, as part of his work.  I was actually a bit annoyed that I ended up having to go with at all. I’d had an appointment to get my hair cut that afternoon, but then there was a crisis with one of the vehicles (M works as manager at a local courier agency). So he needed the car to go and sort out the problem in the town 70km from where we are. That cut my hairdressing jaunt short, as he got the call when we had already left home for him to go back to work. The plan was that I would take the car from there but it was intercepted by this unforseen event and I had to cancel the appointment.

Well, I ended up really enjoying it. Quality time spent with my honey on the road, for starters. And I actually enjoy visiting these small farming communities. The bare lands being prepared for the Summer crops to be planted and the massive grain silos made me very nostalgic for the days when I used to work at the headoffice of the biggest agricultural co-operative in the country. I was in admin, credit control to be precise, so no hands-on farming for me. I got to work with the farmers’ applications for financing. I liked it. Wish I was still there, it was a ball.

I love seeing dry bushveld as far as the eye can see. I got to see plenty of it that day. Huge expanses of land, the veld dry and golden, and dotted with olive green shrubbery and bluegum trees. I love it. You can keep your lush green subtropics and jungles and moors and prairies. Give me bushveld any day of the week.

On the way home, M commented that, though it was a good idea implemented by the municipality, the new cycling/ pedestrian lanes were not being used at all. His words were hardly cold when we saw three cyclists riding along on the new lane. He had to take it back. A little further on, however, there came a cyclist towards us, riding in the middle on the road, towards the oncoming traffic.

   “There always has to be a trout,” Michael muttered.

   “Don’t you mean a salmon?” I asked, after having thought about it for a couple of seconds.

   “No”, says he. “The ones that swim upstream.”

   “Yes, that would be the salmon,” I said cheerfully.

   For some reason, I thought this was hugely funny, and have been calling him my ‘trout’ ever since. Especially when he’s being belligerant, lol.

Good times.

On a different note, have any of you seen the Oprah show with the vision boards? I think I must make myself one, they look so cool.

Here are two items that I will put on it:


Used Ford KA Zetec [Climate], 2007, 1300cc, petrol engine, manual, , hatchback, Yellow, 2000 miles.

Two ‘items’ that my heart desires, my very own Chow Chow puppy, and my very own metallic yellow Ford Ka.

The Ka is in the five year plan, but the Chow is in the 5 month plan 😉

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September 19, 2008 at 12:03 am

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Time to go back to gym, my back is keeling me!

I had such a fun day today. Will post more about it tomorrow though, because it’s 11pm and I’m quite knackered.

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September 11, 2008 at 11:02 pm

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Happiness is… (plus a crazy photoshoot!)

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…walking around town on a sunny Saturday morning with my Michael, without a care in the world.

I’ve been so preoccupied with my numb feet that I’ve forgotten about the huge advancements I have made in other areas. Not too long ago, I would have given anything on this earth to be able to walk around town like I did this morning. It was great.

While Michael was in the cellphone shop to get a cover for his new phone, I walked around the little flea-market on my own. I bought a bottle of granadilla jam (never had that before) and socialised with the various vendors.

We also went to Checkers Hypermarket. The new and improved one that everyone keeps raving about. Although I went through a prolonged vegetarian phase, I’m now not opposed to having a bit of meat on occasion. Checkers supplies ‘natural’ free-range lamb. Certified organic, with no hormones or antibiotics added. So I got some nice choppies for us. I also bought some fresh waterblommetjies, a vegetable delicy from the Cape. I’ve never had fresh before, only tinned. Can’t wait to taste them.

We have had such a fun couple of days. We are excited about our imminent move. Last night, we were playing a brilliant game (on the new cellphone) called BrainJuice. It’s an excellant game that helps keep one mentally fit. We are very competitive with each other and were having a fabulous time trying to beat eaxh other.

This morning, M was watching tv when I woke up and went downstairs. We were both still in our jammies with bed-hair and unbrushed teeth etc. Not the perfect time for a photoshoot, but that is exactly what we did. His new phone has a great camera and some excellant ‘fun’ features. So cute that I couldn’t resist posting them here, even though I didn’t have a scrap of make-up on my face and hadn’t brushed my hair yet.

Me kissing a frog. Photographed by my prince, lol.

Magazine covergirl giving some attitude 😉

Michael, with a green ‘fro.

Michael being hounded by the paprazzi!

Me as a flower child.

Here are some taken with the Warp Face application. Remember I complained about it when Michael tried to take photo’s of me with this when I had just had cortisone? Well, my sense of humour is plugged in again, so now I find it funny and we did some of these, too.

Me as an insect.

Michael as a Smiling Fool.

Me as a Gobbler.

Michael as a Gobbler.

Hope you enjoyed these as much as we did 🙂

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September 6, 2008 at 4:35 pm

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Spring is sprung

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Spring in the Bronx (best recited in a Brooklyn accent)

Spring is sprung,
Duh grass is riz
I wonder where dem boidies is.

Duh little boids is on duh wing –
But dat’s absoid:
Duh little wing is on duh boid!

With thanks to Anon

Today is a typical Spring day, here in North West, South Africa. Warm and windy.

Who else remembers this charming little poem? My mom always recited it to us when we were kids. And she got it from her parents. I did a bit of research on it, and although many attribute it to E.E. Cummings and some to Ogden Nash, it’s actually accredited to good old anonymous, because the original poet is, in fact, very much unknown.

Charming, though, isn’t it?

I do love Spring. For all the obvious reasons of renewal and such. Also because the temperatures are so mild before the roasting heat of Summer hits. Heat is no friend of mine, these days. We’re barely on speaking terms. I can only hope that part of my recovery this past year will include better tolerance to heat.

Although still very stuffy-nosed, my flu has improved considerably. Last night I actually slept through without a coughing fit. I have been eating really well to try and get over it, but today I am having something with sugar in it. The craving started last night and today it will be appeased. The only question is with what?

I’m thinking chocolate…cake. 🙂


Edited to add:

Perhaps a better version of the little poem:

Spring is sprung, de grass is riz,
I wonder where de boidies iz.
De boid iz on de wing.
But that’s absoid!
I tought de wing wuz on de boid!

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September 5, 2008 at 8:54 am

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Bunny Rulz, okay?

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I’m having such a good time playing around on my blog! I decided to get off my lazy-bones ass (figuritively speaking, of course, my ass is still nailed to the computer-chair) and jazz up my site. Get a handle on them thar widgets, etc.

I admired my SIL Melany‘s ClustrMap that she has on her blog, that shows whereabouts in the world her visitors hail from. I decided to get my own, and it was surprisingly user-friendly. And so I got my first widget. (If I’d known it was that easy, I would have done it long ago).

But it wasn’t enough. I got a bit of gold fever (or should I say widget fever) and got a nifty little one that shows the national flag of your various visitors. How cool. I have readers from Canada, the Philippines, Italy, Australia and the US. Who’d have thought. And that’s only since I put it up yesterday.

So yes, I’m having a grand old time.

I like having a look at my stats on wordpress every now and then. When I went on there this morning, I looked through the list of referrers (People clicked links from these pages to get to your blog). One of them was the following:  I duly followed the link, and landed on the website of Blogged. From what I can gather, it is a sort of directory of blogs, some of which have been rated by the editors. And there was Maggsbunny. Not only that, but with a rating of 7.9. (very good) My word. And an invitation to put the badge on my site. And because I now know how to put widgets on, I immediately did just that.

Blogging just got a whole lot funner.

Stop laughing at me, all you ‘old blogging hands’. It used to be enough for me just to write my (sometimes mixed-up) thoughts out and send them hurtling into cyberspace. But this is cool, taking it to the next level.

You know what? I am the only maggsbunny on the net. I know, I googled myself.

And that was no accident.

I was getting so tired of trying to find a unique user-name whenever I registered  somewhere online.

I’d type in Maggie. This user-name already exists, pick another one.

So I tried Maggs and Margaret (the name on my birth certificate) but to no avail. There are hundreds of us out there. Thousands.

Then a person ends up having to put a meaningless number behind your name, which you inevitably forget when you want to log in a-bloody-gain.

So eventually, I came up with maggsbunny, my nom de plume on the internet. I thought it had a nice ring to it, kinda like bugsbunny.

My mom thought it sounded like a porn star. (I think that was a leap from Playboy Bunny.)

I don’t care though, I like it.

Maybe I’ll make this my new avitar…

Playboy Bunny Posters


Actually, while I was doing a search for the Playboy logo, I came upon a very cute site that offered  very cute glittery playboy widgets and, well, I couldn’t resist. So that is what the pink, glittery maggsbunny is doing on my side-bar.

I wonder how long this phase is going to last?  lol.

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September 4, 2008 at 4:18 pm

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Stupidity is not a handicap. Park elsewhere!

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…that about sums it up, people.

I wonder if I shouldn’t start a campaign. Have a couple of hundred stickers printed, bearing the above legend, and hand them out to the general public with instruction to stick them on cars driven by able-bodied people that park in disabled bays. Wouldn’t that be a hoot?

They all have the same excuse (except those that plead ignorance) – I just wanted to go in quickly and grab something.

Well, asshole,  maybe a disabled person just wanted to go in at all!


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September 3, 2008 at 2:33 pm

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Hello World.

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Cyber world, that is.

I’m doing a lot better. The numbness is slowly but surely creeping away. At least, I think it is. Hope it is.

No, but surely no-one with excessively numb fingers could play The Maple Leaf Rag! That’s right. I am half way finished with it, and if I do say so myself, it’s sounding pretty good. Think I will definitely upload it to Youtube when I’ve finished the whole thing. I might lock ‘comments’ for I fear the critics may rip me apart on grounds of technical imperfections. Ha ha. The versions that are already on Youtube are pretty good. But the fact that I am able to play it at all is enough for me at this stage.

I’ve had the bad luck to catch another virus. This time I think it actually is flu, because I’ve had the accompanying body pain and the glands in my neck were very tender indeed. Yesterday, I spent the whole day holed up at home. Stayed in bed till noon and ate nothing but organic naartjies the whole day. The ‘raw’ day did me a lot of good. This morning I felt nearly as good as new, just a bit phlegmmy still. Then decided I was about to expire from lack of food and ate a huge bowl of breakfast cereal. Ever since then, I’ve been hacking away (most awful cough). Damn. I sincerely hope that this is it now as far as getting sick this year goes. Enough already.

As you all know, I am having a love affair. With my French Lavender bush, that is, lol. I’m already having separation anxiety about leaving it behind when we move. This is seriously the only plant that has ever flourished under my care. I will be digging up a portion of it to take with, (not the whole thing, as it is one huge sprawling plant *she says proudly* ) I’m not holding my breath that it will survive though. I know it is not brain surgery but my track record with plants really ain’t good, remember.

Anyway, had another photoshoot today and was lucky enough to capture this little beauty. Thanks to Michael for the tip to put it on the ‘macro-focus’ setting.

And here is a close-up of my little honey 😉

Not bad going without a tripod, hey?

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September 2, 2008 at 5:28 pm

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