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That’s me. I promise an update and then disappear for a week without a whisper. Very bad style that, my apologies.

The enjoyable day I had (which I can barely remember now, lol) was going to a small town in the Free State with Michael, as part of his work.  I was actually a bit annoyed that I ended up having to go with at all. I’d had an appointment to get my hair cut that afternoon, but then there was a crisis with one of the vehicles (M works as manager at a local courier agency). So he needed the car to go and sort out the problem in the town 70km from where we are. That cut my hairdressing jaunt short, as he got the call when we had already left home for him to go back to work. The plan was that I would take the car from there but it was intercepted by this unforseen event and I had to cancel the appointment.

Well, I ended up really enjoying it. Quality time spent with my honey on the road, for starters. And I actually enjoy visiting these small farming communities. The bare lands being prepared for the Summer crops to be planted and the massive grain silos made me very nostalgic for the days when I used to work at the headoffice of the biggest agricultural co-operative in the country. I was in admin, credit control to be precise, so no hands-on farming for me. I got to work with the farmers’ applications for financing. I liked it. Wish I was still there, it was a ball.

I love seeing dry bushveld as far as the eye can see. I got to see plenty of it that day. Huge expanses of land, the veld dry and golden, and dotted with olive green shrubbery and bluegum trees. I love it. You can keep your lush green subtropics and jungles and moors and prairies. Give me bushveld any day of the week.

On the way home, M commented that, though it was a good idea implemented by the municipality, the new cycling/ pedestrian lanes were not being used at all. His words were hardly cold when we saw three cyclists riding along on the new lane. He had to take it back. A little further on, however, there came a cyclist towards us, riding in the middle on the road, towards the oncoming traffic.

   “There always has to be a trout,” Michael muttered.

   “Don’t you mean a salmon?” I asked, after having thought about it for a couple of seconds.

   “No”, says he. “The ones that swim upstream.”

   “Yes, that would be the salmon,” I said cheerfully.

   For some reason, I thought this was hugely funny, and have been calling him my ‘trout’ ever since. Especially when he’s being belligerant, lol.

Good times.

On a different note, have any of you seen the Oprah show with the vision boards? I think I must make myself one, they look so cool.

Here are two items that I will put on it:


Used Ford KA Zetec [Climate], 2007, 1300cc, petrol engine, manual, , hatchback, Yellow, 2000 miles.

Two ‘items’ that my heart desires, my very own Chow Chow puppy, and my very own metallic yellow Ford Ka.

The Ka is in the five year plan, but the Chow is in the 5 month plan 😉

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September 19, 2008 at 12:03 am

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