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Woah! I am so far behind. Blogging? What’s that? … oh yes.

The move went really well. Michael took a day off work on the 30th of September and we started packing/ moving stuff at 5:30am and at 21:30pm were still in our old flat cleaning up and clearing out the last of our debris. We left the place absolutely spick and span, neat as a pin. It may have looked a tad piggy when we lived there, on occasion, but nobody could say a thing against how we left it. Unfortunately there were a few Polyfilla marks on the one wall where we had to fix up the holes from where we had the dart board mounted. (Also from the holes which *someone* left when they threw the dartboard miss and gaffed chunks out of the wall. And no, it wasn’t Michael – his aim is unerring, thanks to his varsity days playing darts at all hours.)

Because of the Polyfilla, we are not holding our breath to get our key deposit back. At this stage it will be a bonus if we do. The landlord is a bit cut-throat. Nevermind that he’ll have to have the place painted out anyway, thanks to the rising damp – he’ll still pin it on us and our poor polyfilla gesture. Maybe I should have a bit more confidence in him, he might surprise us yet. I really hope so, because that will finance my Blackbeary. (More on that later).

On a personal level, I really surprised myself with my stamina re: the move. I packed and unpacked just about the whole day solid and only got vaguely wobbly once or twice, and it didn’t slow me down for long. Then I spent the next two days grafting hard, unpacking all our belongings into our new home. I actually couldn’t believe when Thursday rolled around. I still maintain that I lost two or three days somewhere along the line. Sjoe, but I don’t want to move again in a hurry. What a schlepp! Such a disruption, I’m still not entirely back to normal.

It has been worth it, though. We LOVE our new place. It has been built with a view to comfort, that’s for sure. More on that when I post again, plus photo’s.

About the Blackbeary…it’s not what you think.


Not even close.

But I’m too tired and sore now. Will fill my readers in tomorrow. Hint: Note the errant ‘a’ in my spelling of Blackbeary.

Why am I sore?

Interesting story.

I was making a pizza this afternoon. Had just finished the dough and was waiting for the yeast to rise. Sat down at our dining-room table on a wooden chair to colour-code my new house-keys. No sooner had I sat down than I got the distinct impression that I was rolling backwards across the tiles. I was so flabbergasted. Since when did the wooden kitchen chair have wheels? Next thing, the whole chair collapsed and I fell down (hard!) right on my coccyx. It was so painful and as I lay on the floor, for a scary second I couldn’t move my legs. I had screamed and Michael came running out of the computer room. There I was, lying on the ground, surrounded by chair parts. I managed to get up, after lying in foetal position, crying, for a brief spell and thankfully nothing seemed to be broken.

I am feeling extremely tender, though. My back and hips are aching, and my tailbone will surely be black and blue in the morning. Photo’s pending.

Only kidding. I have a very quaint little tailbone but I do not have the exhibitionist streak in me required to post photo’s of it on the net 😉

And the pizza? While somewhat delayed, it came out delicious! Michael won second prize at a golf competition. I may have mentioned that. What I didn’t mention, because I only found out about it two days ago, is what the prize is.

It’s a Pineware electric, nonstick frying pan. Quite deluxe. Quite magical, too. It’s hardly possible to screw up anything that you cook with it. It makes the most fantastic, fluffy omelets. and today we tried out the pizza recipe and that came out brilliantly, too. It cooked for 8 minutes, I kid you not! And the crust looked like it came straight out of Italy! Okay, I jacked it in the oven for five minutes just to grill the toppings a little longer, but that was just to tweak it for the finishing touch. It really did surpass my expectations. I hardly like taking credit for it, it’s that amazing frying-pan. If you’d told me that you could make a pizza  in a frying pan, in less than ten minutes I would not have believed you, but I saw it with my own eyes.


I love that my hubby’s a golfer. He wins us the most awesome prizes!

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October 12, 2008 at 10:51 pm

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