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Bluebeary/ Blackbeary

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I have had this idea in my head, since learning that we were going to move and be able to have a dog that I wanted to get a Chow Chow. I have always liked the breed, and the more I read up about them, the more it seemed like the perfect dog for us. They don’t need a large yard and they are good watch dogs. And if you get a well bred Chow Chow they are friendly enough, although they are very dignified dogs. They aren’t yappers, barking at the their own shadows the whole day. They are also easy to house-train and are not messy dogs at all. Plus, I think they are really beautiful.

They are high-maintenance as far as grooming goes, but let’s face it – I have the time, and I love grooming a dog. I had a dog as a kid who had a shaggy coat that needed a lot of grooming and I found it very therapeutic to groom him.

So I’ve had it in my mind for a while already. I even told Michael I had an imaginary ‘bear-dog’ (as I call them) called Beary. I’d irritate him by saying Beary was in the car at my feet, etc.

Then I got to calling her Bluebeary, because of the blue tongue that all Chows have.

This in turn changed to Blackbeary when it looked as though we might adopt a 10 month-old black Chow Chow.

The thing is, we do need a watchdog, and I do need some company around the house.

Actually, I would love a baby, but that can’t happen for the next 2 years, because of the medical trials I am on. And the danger of having to postpone a thing and postpone it some more, is that it may never happen at the end of the day. I’m practical about it. Though we would love children, we have agreed that we would rather have my good self in good health if we had to choose. Hopefully, it won’t come down to a choice.

So while a dog is a far cry from a baby, I think I would like something (somedog) to fuss over. Someone (somedog) who is always consistently and ecstatically happy to see me. (Unlike a baby, come to think of it, lol) (Unlike a husband, come to think of it, LOL).

Dogs are great. There’s a reason why they are called man’s best friend.

I haven’t had a dog since I lived at my parents house, eight years ago. And I do like dogs!

So today, Michael casually dropped into the conversation that Chows had been sighted in our hometown. By my mom-in-law, who has patiently been listening to all my talk of Chow Chows. I toodled over to the pet shop, mainly just to entertain myself, because I don’t actually think it’s the best idea to ever buy from a pet shop. Well, that was a bad idea. I fell a little bit in love, surprise, surprise. You see, there I saw this adorable pair of cuties:

Hmmm, I don’t want to make a hasty decision, based on the cuteness of the puppies and then have to repent at leisure, but look at them!

I feel like hopping in the car right now and going to collect my little Bluebeary, who jumped up against her cage’s bars and cried when I had to leave her there. Unfortunately, it is  not just my decision and we are rather skint after the move, and Michael does get hayfever, and my back is  killing me since I used it to break my fall the other day when the chair broke under me (that’s going to make all the grooming and bathing a leetle bit difficult). Also, Chows do get hot with all that fur and this is set to be one HOT Summer. The dog is rather pricy and we do need to buy a whole lot of accessories to go with it. And I’m told they eat a lot, dogs 😉 And a dog ties you down. Can’t have that with our jetsetting lifestyle. (Spot the sarcasm). Still, you never know.

So there are a whole lot of reasons not to get the dog. And only one to get it: I want it.

Probably not good enough at this stage.

Be sensible, Maggie.

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October 15, 2008 at 5:24 pm

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