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Musical doggie

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I was playing Mozart on the keyboard today. Both times, Bluebeary came and lay quietly at my feet while I was doing so. Isn’t that something?

It’s not the first time I have experienced it, though. Dogs like Mozart. I remember when I was at school and practising for piano exams, whenever I played Mozart, all the dogs in the vicinity would come and lie outside the piano room. Too many times for it to be coincidence.

I’ve been playing the Maple Leaf Rag all week, and Beary couldn’t have been less interested. But as soon as I started playing Mozart’s Turkish March, or Rondo Alla Turk, as it’s known, she instantly materialized at my feet. It would be interesting to do a proper study on the topic.

I love my little Bluebeary with the blue tongue:

And so does Michael:

Look at how she peeps out of the door to see us coming home:

And just look how gorgeous she looks after her bath:

On a different note (pardon the pun) here is a pic of the rose bush that I planted. It has made two buds, and I am very excited to see them bloom. The colour is supposed to be a creamy coffe colour, hence the name 7de Laan, with its famous coffee shop.

Beary is trying to gaff the bud off. I think she is doing it to tease me, because she has sensed that I have a thing about the rose bush, the only item in the garden that is off-limits to her.

I can’t wait for the bud to open. Anyone who knows my hopeless record with plants will understand why this is an event to me 😉

Oh, and last but not least, have I mentioned how much I am loving our new home? There is the most beautiful frog chorus here at night. We hear it loud and clear from our bedroom and I think it is the ultimate lullaby. When I close my eyes, as I drift off to sleep I can imagine that I am deep in the bushveld somewhere, next to a spruit. Exquisite.

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October 21, 2008 at 11:39 pm

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Worms :-(

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Bluebeary is a puppy unlike any I’ve known before.

I read on all the websites that Chows are very easy to house train, and instinctively don’t want to mess in the living area. But I thought we’d at least have to put in some effort. Well, I was wrong. That little dog hasn’t messed in our house once. (Except for one little poo when we locked her in the whole night. She must have come into our room to call us and we were sleeping so deeply that we never heard. So she left us a little present 😉

But apart from that, she hasn’t messed once. Every time she needs to go, she hotfoots it out between the bars of the security gate (it’s touch and go for her to fit through, we’ll have to make a plan for when she gets bigger) and does her business outside on the grass. So cute.

She also hasn’t cried at night once. She settled down really quickly and doesn’t bother us at all during the night.

This is just the sweetest dog. She nibbles us gently on our fingers and toes (and in Michael’s case his ears and hair!) And she’s very playful. Loves running around and chasing us.

She’s such a happy (and probably somewhat spoilt) puppy. I was reading a book yesterday and she lay at my feet, sleeping. Every now and then, she would wag her tail in her sleep.

Unfortunately, her perfect little world is no more. This morning, Michael woke me up when he had to leave for work because Bluebeary was throwing up. I got up, took her out for a pee and sat with her for a bit, but she seemed all right, so I went back to sleep. (This was 5:30am and I had only gone to bed at 00:30 the previous night).

Anyway, got up later to find little puke puddles (clear, obviously only bile) on the (fortunately tiled) floor. Not only that, but three pink worms, as long as my pinky. She didn’t look very well, so at 10:30 her and I drove off to the vet, who was rather amused when I showed him the photo of one of the worms on my cellphone:

Apparently, it’s an ordinary ’round worm’.

She has been dewormed, but the vet explained to me that sometimes the first deworming only kills 80% of the worms and some are left in the intestines *especially if the mother had worms).

So my little Bluebeary Muffin had some deworming syrup and I was given a pill to give her tomorrow.

Other than that, she is doing A-okay. She was most affronted when the vet stuck the thermometer up her backside. And she cried a bit when she got her penicillin injection (to guard against secondary infections stemming from worm-bites in her intestines, yuck). And she was shivering, so I knew she must be really scared because with that thick pelt there was no way she was getting cold.

We are going back on Friday for some vaccinations. I am learning a lot about puppy shots. Apparently Cat Flu is actually called Canine Parvo Virus, or CPV for short. This I found out on my old stamping ground, the internet. It is so nice to have something to research other than my MS, lol.

Blueberry has already had her first round of shots from her original owner, called Nobivac Puppy DP, so at least she is immune to Cat Flu and Distemper. I found out that once Cat Flu has been in your yard, it can remain there for years. Scary, seeing as we just moved to a new place and the previous occupants had dogs. So at least I don’t have to worry about that.

When we got home, I discovered that she’d had a little pee in the car (fortunately only on the rubber mats) and had lain in it. So I had to give her a bath. She’s huffy with me now, as she didn’t enjoy that at all. I don’t think she’s feeling very well after the meds. Poor little baby. Bloody worms.

Michael is a bit worried about the worms, as she has been licking him from top to toe. (Not on the mouth, though, after dire threats from me that I will never, ever kiss him again if he lets dogs lick him on the mouth 😉 I reckon Mike and I will both have to have a bit of a de-worming session. Actually, I have it on good authority that all of us should take a de-worming pill every six months, especially if we do any gardening (check) and handle animals at all (check). When I went on the Quantec machine, it said that I had a tapeworm. Dawn, the practitioner, assured me the machine had already gone into the frequency of the worm and ‘zapped’ it. Sound like science fiction? Do yourself a favour and go read up about Dr Hulda Clark and her remarkable research and patented equipment.

Bluebeary didn’t want to sit with me after her bath and went and crawled into a canvas sack that we used for the move. Check it out:

I think she’s forgiven me since, as she did come and sit on my lap for a while. She’s sleeping again now, poor little sick doggie.

In case it wasn’t clear, Michael and I are gaga over this little animal.

The morning after we brought her home, I woke up and saw a shape lying next to our bed. (It was still dark). So I crooned, “Hello, Bluebeary girlie. Hello my doggie.”

Michael immediately sat up in bed and said, “Ag, shame. Isn’t that cute? She came and found us. Hello Bluebeary”

We continued talking to her, and then I saw, “Oh, cute, she’s lying on my slippers.”

A long pause… “Wait a minute, those are my slippers!”

How we laughed. Lying there talking to my slippers like idiots.

Bluebeary, in the meantime, was sleeping on her pillow in our living room. Oblivious. lol.


Can you imagine what we are going to be like when we have a child? I don’t know if my nerves are up to it.

As it is we aged ten years the day we brought her home. We left her sleeping peacefully in the garden (it was twilight) and went to the mini-supermarket quickly for dog food and milk. We left the back door open for her lest she get scared and want to go in.

When we got back, we ran to the garden and stopped in our tracks. She was gone.

We ran around, whistling and calling her, to no avail. Went back in the house and ran from room to room, calling, slightly hysterically by now. Nothing.

Michael ran out the front door, where the parking facilities for the complex are and also the main gate out, with bars big enough for her to fit through. And did I mention that there is a farm directly across the road from us that keeps wolves? By that time, we were convinced that she was wolf-bait. Michael ran down the road, calling her frantically.

Eventually, we went back in the house. By that time, I had accepted she was gone and I was heartbroken. I told myself I never wanted another dog, because nothing could replace her. All the while, there was thunder rolling outside, signalling an imminent storm.

I started checking under beds and in wardrobes, just in case.

Michael followed suit, and I just sagged in relief when he called that he’d found her. She had sandwiched herself into a tiny niche behind our tv cabinet and was sleeping soundly. Phew.

I don’t know how people cope with it if their kids go missing. I think I’d rather die.

I must add that it was a fantastic feeling driving my baby to the vet’s. I’m much more comfortable behind the wheel of the car now. And I am filled to the brim with gratitude that I am so much better that I can drive again. If I haven’t said it before, “Viva Fingolimod”.

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October 21, 2008 at 1:51 pm

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