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I hope this is a heat-wave that we are having, and more importantly, that it will soon be over. So hot!

The days are blurring into each other a bit. I must start to focus. I still haven’t settled down completely, mentally, after the move.

It has been quite an eventful week, though, in my defence. It’s not every week that I have such a life altering experience as getting a Bluebeary 😉

Quick diatribe on how cute she is, brace yourself:

When we accidently step on her paw, she cries in pain to let us know, and then when we fuss over her, she lifts the paw that got stepped on to show us where she got hurt. Then we have to apologise and then the tail wags to show that she has graciously forgiven us. I know everyone thinks their dog is gifted, but… lol.

I made some remark to Michael, referring to Bluebeary as the ‘child’. I did this half jokingly (but not completely jokingly, ha ha.) Michael said, “Don’t you mean the ‘chowld’? We had a good laugh about that, and then he topped it by saying, “She’s an only chowld, so she’s a bit spoilt.” Michael is a real card. I’m so lucky to have him to make me laugh all day.

My mom says that Bluebeary landed with her bum solidly in the butter by coming to live with us. Hee hee, that’s about right.

I might have to change her name to ‘Piranha’ though…


Our daily photo shoot. We haven’t had something this cute to photograph in ages (or ever!) so bear with us, please. (Geddit? Bear  with us 😉 This photo is remarkable in that that was the only split second that she sat still for the photo’s.

On Saturday, I went to a stork tea, and Michael went to GAME to buy our table-tennis table. Him and I were both crazy about the game when we younger, so were pretty excited about this. It is all set-up now in our garage and we are having a grand old time with it.

In the evenings, my parents-in-law walk to our house (remember, they live just round the corner) and come and play a few rounds with us. Tonight we played doubles, and they beat us.

M and I sure do come from good stock. His parents are wiping the floor with us at table-tennis, and my parents are up and down chain-ladders in the Drankensberg.

Like I always tell people, I can’t keep up with my parents 😉


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October 22, 2008 at 11:33 pm

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