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I am a little in love with this rose tree. I have a feeling that roses may become a passion of mine.

I thought it was such a novelty to have a rose named after a popular SA soap opera, and when I read that it was supposed to be a creamy coffee colour, in honour of the Oppiekoffie coffee shop in 7de laan, I was sold.

I was never one of those nuts that go on and on about their roses, but when we lived at our previous residence, there were two rose-bushes planted by the previous occupants and I grew to love them. I learnt how to prune rose bushes and actually watered them occasionally, lol. I never did anything about the aphids, and fortunately it was never a problem.

I was sad to leave them behind when we moved 😦

Our new garden has a funny-looking (though somewhat charming) shrub/ bush (what is the difference?) with purple flowers. Also, a row of dehydrated-looking Irises and some other, unidentifiable (by me) stuff.

But no roses.

To help me settle in, we went and bought the 7de Laan rose bush that I had been so taken with at the nursery. I planted it myself. Single-handedly. Big first, ha ha.

The tree is flourishing now and is already much bigger than when I planted it. And it’s blooming. I was a bit disappointed at the first rose. It looked a bit runty at first. But at its peak, it did look quite spectacular. And it has the sweetest, most wonderful scent that I have ever smelt. I wish I could bottle it.

I know it sounds silly, but that rose has made me feel at home here.

Note: a couple of days after it bloomed, and was starting to wilt and shed petals, Bluebeary gaffed it off and left it as a present for me to find under the dining-room table.


Speaking of ma puppeh, here is a pic of how she looks wet. (She only performs when we bath her! Something terrible. You’d swear we were skinning her alive the way she goes on. I’m expecting a knock on the door by the SPCA at any moment when the neighbours report the suspected animal abuse that is going on here, lol).


She loves being towel-dried in the sun, though.


Any parties interested in roses can pay a visit to deleeuw roses (the trusted name in the industry since 1974). There you can see such exotic cultivars as: the Ryk Neetling rose, the Nathaniel rose and the Huisgenoot rose. Quite something.

There are also rose-growing tips, to get the best out of your lovingly planted rose tree.

(What is the difference between a rose-tree and a rose-bush? Does anyone know?)

I just had such a strong sense of deja-vu that it shook my bones a little. Weird. Can’t think why. I have certainly never discussed roses on a blog before.

But it reminds me of a joke:

What is the definition of deja-moo?

Answer: the feeling that you’ve hear this bull before.

Ha ha.

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November 6, 2008 at 9:42 pm

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