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I got back home on Wednesday morning, feeling quite good, if a bit spaced out from lack of sleep and the meds. It was so nice to get back to my own (51 layer density foam mattress) bed, after sleeping on what passes for a mattress at the hospital. I actually had to ask a night nurse for an extra pillow in the middle of the night just to put between my knees so I could sleep, my back was hurting so.

Apart from that, I actually had a very pleasant stay in the hospital. The food was good, the ‘service’ (aka nursing) was good and everyone was very helpful and friendly. I also had a real character in the bed next to mine. You never know what you’re going to get as far as wardmates go, so it’s always a relief if you get someone nice, that you can talk to. Us two insomniacs chatted until well after midnight. We were trying to get the nurses to round up a midnight feast for us, to  no avail, lol.

This lady is a rose enthusiast. I overheard her and her husband talking about their 80+ rose bushes that they have, and afterwards I struck up a conversation with her about it and gleaned some valuable rose-growing tips. Her hubby brought her a huge vase of roses from their garden, and I got to see all the different types. Very interesting. I want to go and  buy another rose tree this month. After the discussion with my wardmate, I think I’ll plump for the Abracadabra rose. What is special about this one, is that each rose, when the bud opens, is a different colour – hence the abracadabra. Surprise!

Felt tired on Wed night and didn’t want to cook. Made the huge mistake of going to SPAR and buying a chicken pie for myself. Michael had a hero roll and spring roll. That bloody pie stayed with me till the next  morning. It was so indigestable, or perhaps it was because I’m on a course of antibiotics and my digestion isn’t what it should be. (I burnt my arm on our electric frying pan and it looked like it was going bad, so the doc gave me some antibiotics for it).

Yesterday I woke up feeling all right, if tired still. We took Bluebeary to the vet for her innoculations. It was so funny – the vet squirted a bit of deworming syrup onto her tongue and she refused to put her tongue back in her mouth for about ten seconds, just had that beautiful blue tongue of hers hanging out to maximum capacity. Even the vet had a good laugh and he is generally a bit dour. Then, on the way out, we bought her a small rawhide bone to chew on. But as we left, she tried to help herself to one of the HUGE bones on display. We nearly never noticed that our chow was trying to shoplift 😉

My mom-in-law made her legendary chicken stew yesterday and invited us for lunch. I was so glad, because by that time I was definitely not feeling well. The food was delish!

Yesterday afternoon I started crashing from being off the meds. My body ached and I felt so tired. It is not the worst I have had it,  not by a long shot. I have crashed in the past that I felt like a bus had hit me. (Although someone who actually has been hit by a bus would probably argue that point with me). This time I just feel like I’ve been mildly beaten up!

I still feel grotty today. In and out of bed, reading bits of a book till I get too tired and have a little rest. I forgot what a shock it is to a body to be pumped full of high dose cortisone like that. I’m not too crazy about this spaced-out feeling. With any luck it won’t be followed by a bout of mild depression such as I’ve had in the past. Hate that. I’ve been lucky the last fews times though. Just a day or two of feeling unmotivated and a bit bluesy.

My puppy is being so gentle and loving towards me. I’m sure they can sense when one is not feeling that well.

And now I can hopefully look forward to a festive season without any pesky MS symptoms. Now that will be joyful indeed!!

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November 21, 2008 at 11:13 am

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