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I am feeling so much better.

Not just from the side-effects of the meds, but in general. I literally haven’t felt this good in about five years. And it is so wonderful.

Back in the old days (circa 2004) when I still had the full 5 gram course of steroids to treat a relapse, it used to take me ages to normal out afterwards. Like a month.

With my current self-medicating habits of 1 – 2 grams when needed, I get the same benefit, and a whole lot less side-effects. The neuro has come to accept that I do better on a smaller dose and he goes along with what I want to take, even though he always says I should ideally do the five day course. But so we learn, hey.

The heat was absolutely sweltering today, and I was actually able to carry on my life as normal. Two years ago, the heat would have had me laid out half comatose in bed!

My granny is visiting at my parents house this week. I haven’t seen her since July, so was very happy to spend some time with her. Such a classy lady, deep into her eighties, but beautifully dressed and her hair cut so nicely. I complimented her on it, and her reply was that it looks so flat and that she will be having it ‘perminated’ tomorrow. Perminated! Priceless.

I drove to my parents house in our Jetta and was so grateful that I could do it. I love driving. Always did, and I hated it when I couldn’t and was reliant on other people to take me where I wanted/ needed to go. I don’t think Michael was that keen on it, either, lol. I comandeered many of his lunch-breaks to ferry me around all over the place. (Read: to buy groceries, which counted as a personal shopping spree for me, obviously, *snark*).

On the way back, especially, I marvelled at the glorious feeling of being behind the wheel. The road I took is a somewhat rural back road, and with the sun just setting everything looked so beautiful. The grass looked so shiny and the trees so lush. The traffic was very light and I was able to just detach and enjoy the experience. When I first started driving again, I was too nervous to enjoy it at all. Now I’m finally comfortable enough to have fun.

Michael marvels at the consumption that I get. Compared to him, that is. I don’t know the exact stats,  but he is impressed.  This is because I drive like a girl, I tell him. I don’t tear up to stop streets and slam on brakes, and then tear off again, lurching through the gears. Amazing how light you go on petrol when you don’t do that, lol.

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November 24, 2008 at 11:13 pm

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  1. I am so pleased for you, it really seems like you are doing well. Keep it up!

    I also get awesome fuel consumption on my car, like really amazing, but if anyone else drives it they totally stuff it up. I think some people are heavy footed 😉


    November 25, 2008 at 9:39 am

  2. 🙂 I always used to say that I can’t imagine not being able to go places yourself. I’m so happy that you now can again.
    Ek kan mos hou van rond ry


    November 25, 2008 at 9:50 am

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