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Sjoe, it has been so long since I touched base with my blog that I really don’t know where to start. I do regret ‘losing’ these past couple of weeks, because this is the only diary I have ever kept more or less consistently and I often use it to check up on dates and things. Yesterday, Michael asked me if I knew the date that we first brought Bluebeary home, and I told him, “No, but I’ll check on my blog”.

I’m not going to attempt to catch up three weeks of happenings in one post, so will just do a highlights package.

No 1: Funny sort of highlight, I know, but I bumped our car, a.k.a our pride and joy 😦 Silly, careless, fool mistake. (Bumped it on a pillar outside the health shop that I frequent). Seeing as it’s been two weeks since it happened, I have sort of calmed down about it, but I felt absolutely horrible and very blonde when it happened. My lovely Michael took it very well, though, and didn’t bawl me out about it. Another reason why I love that man.

The sad part is that I had a little nest-egg of money in my account for a change (long story, but because my current medical aid is amalgamating with a larger one, I ended up scoring, because the old one’s premiums were prepaid and new one’s premiums are accrual, yay! So I was basically getting a month off premiums, but with full cover. And yes, I did double check). Well, I tempted fate by joyously writing a list to Santa of all the things I was gonna buy, do up the new house a bit, etc. Now all I’ll be paying is the excess on the short-term insurance. Still, I am very grateful that I have the money to be able to pay it, so it’s all good.

Here is the pic. The damage doesn’t look that expensive, does it? But the whole side panel sort of shifted and will have to be replaced.


No 2: This one is a bit more ‘feel good’ than no.1. I have gone completely ballistic regarding my fascination for the rose bush that I bought. (Remember the anticipation of that first bud opening?)

I never thought that I would become passionate about roses but that is exactly what has happened. Although I currently walk a fine line between ‘passionate’ and ‘obssessed’. Haha.

I am now the proud owner of seven rose bushes, each lovingly planted by my own lilly-white hands.

I decided that my 7de rose was lonely, so went and bought another two bushes to flank it. (Note, these bushes aren’t that expensive, as I am buying them small, not the more mature ones that are already in full bloom).

Actually, what happened was that I had gone to the nursery to buy my dad a birthday present. I was charmed my the “Liewe Heksie” rose bush and bought that for him. On my way out, what should I see? Only a Pooh Bear rose. Now that I could. not. resist!! I have quite an extensive Pooh Bear collection (bought for me by my hubby to apologise for various misdemeanours by him  and altercations between us in our early married days, lol) so could not pass up the opportunity to add such a gem to my collection.

I planted it out and the addiction started taking root. (No pun intended).

The next week, I acquired two more bushes, the Crazy Quilt rose and the S.O.S Children’s rose. By this time I was running out of space in the flower bed, as I intended planting vegetables on the other side. So the Crazy Quilt went in a pot.

Yesterday I lost the plot totally and went and got another THREE bushes. The Gold Reef, the Rina Hugo (which is an absolutely stunning rose named after an Afrikaans singer) and the Princess Margaret rose. I couldn’t resist the latter, as it had one stunning full pink rose in bloom on it already and also because that is my full name. The Margaret part, not the Princess part 😉

I decided that I can buy vegetables at the supermarket and would use the other side of the flower bed for more roses instead of planting veggies. More, more, more 🙂

I planted the last one this morning. Quite hard work as the sand is very rocky here and my little spade kept hitting large stones. Still, I got it done eventually and am very proud of my handiwork. Seems there’s a gardener lurking in me yet.

And here are some photo’s of my beauties, of course:

(I really am enjoying this. First  thing every morning I go out into the garden with Beary so she can pee, and I look to see which roses are blooming. It’s like hunting for Easter eggs, only better.)

Here is my 7de Laan rose, the first one I bought, only because I was missing my rose trees at our flat. It is flourishing nicely. So nicely that I decided to get  more…


Presenting: Pooh Bear rose. I thought ‘Pooh Bear’ alluded to the colouring of the rose, which is a rich apricot/ bronze colour. At least, that is what it said on the label, I thought it was yellow and orange 😉 But my mom pointed out that if you look carefully, you can see Pooh Bear’s face in the middle of the rose. And dang it if she wasn’t right! Just look…


Maybe you need imagination 😉 Can you see it?

Anyway, here is Crazy Quilt, in its pot.


And  a close-up. Isn’t it just the prettiest little rose?


Also stunning is the S.O.S. Children’s rose…


Each tree has a little ring of pebbles around the base, which I thought was a nice touch.


I am in the process of getting carried away here, so think I’ll go to sleep before this gets any longer 🙂

Tune in tomorrow, for Beary pics (after her trip to the doggie salon for a trim in this heat) and more rose pics incl. the stunning Princess Margaret, which has yet to be uploaded off the camera. Also, update on my new relapse. Not-a-freaking-gain! This is getting boring.

Toodles till then.

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December 16, 2008 at 11:04 pm

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  1. Sorry to hear bout the car 😦

    I can understand your “obsession” with the roses. I was NEVER a garden /flowers in the gardent type person EVER before, until we came to Aus. Here are so many Rose bushes in my garden(from Pink, to maroon and I also have one that looks like your pooh bush. lots and I never knew were there till they started getting buds and flowering) and I too check on them everyday to see if there are any “newbies” coming out etc. – There is something about walking around your garden and looking at these pretty flowers – very calming! I also pick the pink ones and put them in the kitchen. Not only do they look nice they smell so darn nice too!

    Oooohhhhhh can’t wait for new pics of Bluebeary……………..


    December 16, 2008 at 11:19 pm

  2. Your roses are gorgeous. I think your garden is going to look SO beautiful


    December 18, 2008 at 2:58 pm

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