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Thank you for all my lovely birthday comments. I enjoyed reading every one of them.  My bad for not replying individually to them, but I have been busy, busy, busy. (Still no excuse, I know) Top secret at the moment, will reveal all on February 1st, if all goes well. Just hold thumbs for me till then, okay 🙂

Apart from my Mysterious Project, I have been very busy with my roses. I now have a grand total of 18 bushes and I think I’ll keep it at that for now. I cannot wait until all of them are blooming. It sure is going to be colourful.

Actually there are currently 34 buds waiting to open. Should be quite a sight.

Earlier in the week, I did a Worm Rescue. I went to a local shop that sells fishing equipment and bait, including live bait and ‘rescued’ +/- 500 Kariba earthworms, which I then ceremoniously ‘planted’ in my rose-garden. Those in the know say you can never have too many earthworms for your roses.

I had done some research and found out that it is a big no-no to introduce so-called exotic earthworms (i.e. any worm not locally found) into your garden. I had been planning to buy a worm farm, but that bit of info deterred me somewhat.

But these worms that I bought are local worms, having been dug up in the nature reserve just down the road from us.

I was very taken by the idea that I had saved the worms from a gruesome fate, sure that they would repay me by working hard in my garden 🙂

The thing is, up until a year ago, this ground (our garden) was still part of a building site, and when I dug the holes to plant my roses, the earth seemed curiously ‘dead’. I didn’t encounter a single living creature, and certainly not an earthworm. I’m not going to expound right now on the marvel that is the humble earthworm, but they really are absolutely incredible.

Then, the other day, just after planting my 12th or so rose bush, I saw a little earthworm. The soil is coming back to life, slowly but surely. The roses certainly seem to be flourishing, at any rate. The first one I planted (the 7de Laan rose) is huge now, and flowering like a nutter.

I saw the worms at the fishing tackle shop a while ago, but as I didn’t know what Kariba worms were, I decided not to take the chance of putting them among my roses. When I got home, I popped onto the internet, and lo and behold, a Kariba is also known as a red-wriggler and is your best composting worm by far. Yay. So there are now about 500 of them cavorting around my roses, aerating the soil and improving the overall quality of it.

Now I have gotten well and truly carried away. So I’ll save the story of my tame Praying Mantis for another day.

Back to my birthday – that was so wonderful. Can’t remember another one ever being quite like it. Michael danced attendance on me all day (even when I pushed it and made him wander around the nursery in my wake looking for garden decorations. That nearly cracked him, lol) He was so, so sweet to me. I do love that man.

I also got lots of phone-calls, some  nice comments on my blog 😉 , nice gifts and visits from family. My parents-in-law came to visit and played table-tennis with us which was great fun. Even though my MIL beat me as usual, LOL. She didn’t even let me win on my birthday! Hehehe.

To wrap up this marathon of a post, let me quickly fill you in on the Bad Luck.

Now, poor Quintus (Mel‘s son) has been in hospital this week, suffering from Tickbite Fever. Horrible. They battled to get a diagnosis and in the meantime, the poor child had really high fevers and terrible headaches. He will be in  hospital till at least Friday, getting his meds. Poor kid, he is feeling sick. And poor Mel, sitting in hospital with a sick boy, laptop in front of her, trying to catch up on work, and having another sick child at home. (Thinking of you, Mel!)

So today, we took Beary for a walk, which she  really enjoys. Us, too. Got home, went to the supermarket, got back home and sat  outside in the cool garden, when suddenly I felt something on my leg, near my ankle. For some reason I thought it was a scab, but it felt weird. I felt it lift a little as I ran my finger over it. I thought I had picked the scab and in the poor light it looked like it was oozing blood. I went and sat under the porch light to get a better look. It still looked like it was oozing blood, and then suddenly I saw that it was actually wriggling legs. A tick was biting me!

I instinctively tried to flick it off,  but it was stuck fast. I starting freaking out a bit  because I know which type of ticks give one tickbite fever, and this was it.

I remembered that you have to put a hot match head against its body so that it will release and drop off. I did this but the bloody thing wouldn’t budge. (I read afterwards on the net that it’s not such a good idea to try and burn the tick off, as it can increase your chances of getting diseases from it). Eventually I got it off, but it’s fangs (if you even call them fangs?) remained behind, embedded in my skin. I sort of gouged them out, which is another no-no, apparently. No scratching the bite mark.

Phoned the quick-care hospital to ask them if there is any preventative medication one can take for a known tick-bite. They answered in the negative and said that I will have to wait for 14 days to see if I have contracted tickbite fever.

I am pretty upset about this. I am on immunosuppressant medication, in the first place, and in the second place, fevers really don’t mix well with MS. Not well at all.

Tomorrow I will of course be going for an ion detox. Worth a shot, at any rate. By my calculation, that tick must have been hanging on there for a good hour and a half.

Stupid tick. It is languishing in a sealed container in my kitchen, for identification purposes. I have a good mind to nuke it in the microwave, lest it escapes.

Edited to add: Bloody Beary can stick to the tar road from now on – no more wandering off into the bundus so that I have to follow her in and end up getting ticks. Fine for her, she has frontline on!

Written by Maggie

January 7, 2009 at 11:08 pm

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  1. OH NO!! That is not so nice ;( Will hold thumbs you are ok!!!

    Well done on the roses 🙂 And glad you had a wonderful birthday!


    January 8, 2009 at 5:22 am

  2. Ag no Maggs!!! I really hope you don’t get tickbite fever as well. I REALLY hope you don’t.

    Now you have me curious about the Feb 1st project. I don’t do well with waiting lol I need to know what you are up to NOW


    January 8, 2009 at 8:43 am

  3. Oy vey!

    Glad you rescued the worms…would have loved to have seen a pic of the lot of them. And a praying mantis? Heart be still…pics please. And a pic of the tick, too….you know me and bugs…


    Shauna MacKinnon

    January 8, 2009 at 12:49 pm

  4. Come on Maggie you know I am too inquisitive for my own good what’s what ????? Hope you don’t get tick bite fever girl


    Marié Archer

    January 8, 2009 at 7:11 pm

  5. I really hope you DONT get TBV! I can just imagine you with your tame Mantis – mwhahahhahahhahahahha

    Now what on earth are you busy with?????? (you can tell me – I am far far away in Australia – I got no one to tell) *wink* *wink*

    18 Rose Bushes – Crickey – Post some pics

    Take Care



    January 9, 2009 at 12:30 pm

  6. Okay…. roll on Feb first!


    January 9, 2009 at 7:41 pm

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