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Home alone, and some photo’s.

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I am alone at home this week. (Well, Beary and I are.)

And I’m enjoying it. I’ll be really glad to see Michael when he comes back on Wednesday from the Cape, but I have never had a problem being on my own. I was a bit nervy at night, the first few nights, but I’ve gotten over it. The thing is, Beary obviously feels compelled to be even more ‘on guard’ than usual with Michael not being here, so she barks quite a panicked (and menacing) bark if she hears anything, causing me to sit up in bed and clutch my shock stick to me. (I do it carefully, because I’ve already shocked myself once with it, lol) There’s only so many times one can do that, however, and I do like my sleep, so I’ve gotten used to it. The nice thing about Beary is that she doesn’t go on barking for hours at nothing. Once she has determined that it isn’t an imminent threat, she’ll quiet down again.

She was so uncomfortable last night, hot and scratching the whole time. So today I am taking her to the doggy parlour to be groomed and dipped. Michael isn’t too keen on this because she is looking so pretty with her full coat and also Winter is advancing and she needs to be ready.

But it won’t be really cold till at least three months from  now; plenty of time to grow that coat again. It is still really hot and I sure wouldn’t want to be wearing a thick fur coat right now and I’m sure she would feel better without it, too.

Michael completed his 12th consecutive Argus Cycle Tour yesterday, I’m really proud of him. The weather conditions were appalling, with gale force winds all around. He says he is so glad to have done this one as it was quite unlike any other.

Now some photo’s.

Of, you guessed it, the pooch and the roses 😉

My camera was out of action for two months! So on Friday I couldn’t stand it anymore and went and bought new rechargeable batteries for it. I’m so glad I did, I missed photographing my roses and my poochie dreadfully 🙂


Seriously on Guard! Watchdog among the roses.


Ultra cheesy poochie grin.


Happy little Bluebeary.


The Rainbow Nation rose. Isn’t this one just stunning?


And here is the ethereal-looking and aptly name ‘Blue Moon’ rose. It has the most enchanting fragrance.

Have I mentioned that I am really enjoying my rose-garden? 🙂

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March 9, 2009 at 11:25 am

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