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Howzit Honey…you’re home :-)

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Michael is home, safe and sound.

So order has been restored to Beary’s (and my) universe.

He is feeling T.I.R.E.D.

Firstly, from finishing the toughest Argus Tour ever, and then from 3.5 golf courses mapped for his golf GPS.

(By the way, he is the SA agent for WeGolf, a golf GPS application that you load onto your cell-phone) so if you or someone you know is a golf-lover, leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you about the brilliant free trial version that Michael can SMS to you anywhere in the world, as it is an international product).

How cute am I, doing some promo work for my hubby, right here on my blog? But seriously, send me golfers because the more versions of WeGolf he sells, the more roses I can buy for my garden, lol.

Speaking of roses, I am having a bit of a problem with black spot at the moment. This is one of the more common rose ailments and manifests after the rainy season when the leaves have gotten too wet for too long, resulting in, you guessed it, black spots on the leaves. It is a fungal infestation and not good for the health of your rose plant at all, as it kills off the leaves.

Now, I would rather all 24 my rose plants died than use a harmful chemical treatment on them. That is just not my style. So I am experimenting with home-made, organic anti-fungal sprays. I am also watering the roses just at the base of the plant and trying not to get water on the leaves. Hopefully this will work out.

Apart from the black spot, the roses are looking marvelous. March, after October, is your best ‘rose month’. I will post photo’s tomorrow, when it should be at its zenith, of the most beautiful PEACE rose that is blooming.

It is so exciting to go out into the garden every morning and see what is blooming. Like hunting for Easter eggs, only better.

Sjoe, I was gearing up for quite a decent blog post for a change, but I’m suddenly really sleepy. Think I’ll go snuggle up to my sleeping honey-bunny.

I have missed him this past week that he’s been gone. Even though he brought me nothing from Cape Town.

Luckily this bothers me not at all. Michael and I have never been the type of couple who get miffy if the one person doesn’t buy the other one something for whatever occasion, or a trip away.

(But seriously, not even a chocolate…)

Only kidding!


We don’t buy each other gifts for Christmas, or Valentine’s Day or even our anniversary. We’re weird that way. But I like it. Much less complicated. I didn’t marry Michael because I wanted him to  buy me stuff. I married him so that he can give me his love. Which he does.


Onlykiddingonlykiddingonlykiddingonlykidding…!!! I just couldn’t resist.

(Honey, if you read this, that really was just a joke. In bad taste, probably. I dunno, some people tend to take offense if you call them a cheapskate. Hah. Okay, I’ll stop now).

Because you know I find myself reallly funny at night, right?

Anyway, the exception to the above rule is our birthdays. We go all out on birthdays. Generous gifts, cash and the policy that B-day is that person’s day and they get to call ALL the shots and present the spouse with an itinerary of exactly what they, as the birthday spouse, would like to do. All day. I love it. It’s the only time I ever expect a present, and it better be a lavish one. (And by lavish, I mean a dozen rose-bushes. Like, as in the whole plant. Twelve of them 😉 )

And I don’t wait to see if he remembers my birthday. I make sure he does. I don’t waste my time on hints, subtle or otherwise.  I tell him exactly what I want. Usually cash 😉

To fund the expanding rose-garden.

Michael is very generous with me, anyway. He generally spoils me every day, with little treats.

When I did the 5 Love Languages quiz, I was hard-pressed to choose only one dominant love language. I kinda need them all. Quality time: check, Acts of service: check, Physical touch: check, Words of affirmation: check… The only notable absence from my particular list of must-haves was Receiving of Gifts.

I really don’t need ’em. Not to feel loved, at any rate.

I appreciate a good, thoughtful gift, don’t get me wrong, but not on a must-have basis.

Also, I actually come quite close to hating jewelry. I have a couple of much-loved pieces, mainly my wedding ring, even though I don’t wear it every day. But Michael knows heads would roll if he bought me jewelry for my birthday. I’m just not a jewelry kinda girl.

I’m a chocolate kinda girl. Oh, and a roses kinda girl. But I really do prefer it if you buy me the whole plant 😉 Funny thing that. The whole dang plant costs R45 (at the nursery that I buy from, anyway). Now tell me, where could you get a decent bouquet of roses for R45 or less? And that’s gonna last..what?… A week?

My point exactly.

Moral of the (extremely long-winded) story:

I don’t care that M didn’t bring me anything from the Cape. I’m only writing about it because it amuses me.

It didn’t even occur to me that he might bring me a prezzie. I only brought it up to tease him. You see, when you participate in the Argus, you get a ‘goodie bag’. I  normally ferret around in the goodie bag when he brings it home, even though the good stuff has already been taken i.e. the chocolates. lol

But there were some nice little sachets of breakfast food (luxury muesli) still left in the bag. Four of them. We were both feeling quite hungry, so I fixed two of them in bowls for us, with milk, to tide us over till supper. Then he went to do some stuff on the computer and I watched Just Shoot Me on tv. I was still hungry, so I opened another of the cereal packets, and ate it dry. When that was finished, I toyed with the idea of eating the last packet. Just when I’d decided that he wouldn’t mind, and was starting to tear open the packet, his disembodied voice came floating out of the spare room, where the PC is…

“Aren’t you going to leave me any?” he asked.

He knows me so well.

So I said, “Oh, I thought this is what you brought me from the Cape, but nevermind, my real present is probably still in your bag. I’ll wait till you give it to me later.”

“Oh, just eat it,” he replied.

Ha ha. That was what I was angling for.

In M’s belated defense, he did give me a ring from the Argus Expo and asked me if I would like him to buy me anything there. Like a nice jacket, socks…

I politely declined. I didn’t want anything from the expo. But I told him to call me if he should find himself at a place that sold roses… 😉

Wow, I certainly got a second wind with this ‘ere blog post. Guess I wasn’t that tired after all.

Unfortunately my back is starting to protest, so I better start signing off.

Must just say, Beary thinks her sh*t doesn’t stink with her new haircut! So it’s all good 🙂 You should have seen her showing off in front of her daddy. She was so glad to see him when he got home this avie. Leapt straight into his arms. He did stagger back a few paces. She is getting to be quite a big poochie now.

Over and out.

Written by Maggie

March 11, 2009 at 9:50 pm

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  1. Glad to hear that M is back home safely.

    I love jewellry, chocolates AND roses. LOL – but not the whole plant. I kill everything and anything I plant.


    March 12, 2009 at 12:46 pm

  2. In united kingdom..its still cold..cant wait for spring…Its good you love roses…its like apart of england is where you are.. south africa….I mean roses remind me of england…that place thats now…is full of people from other cultures..What im saying is …there is nothing better than a rose…a english thing…maybe…im going deep..but ..a Rose is special…its just is…
    Hugs Richard


    March 13, 2009 at 5:04 am

  3. LOL – What a funny post Maggy! Congrats to M for doing the Argus AGAIN……..I cycled with the kids today (about a whole 1.5kms) and I almost died………………..S E R I O U S!


    March 13, 2009 at 12:45 pm

  4. Are you friends with Darren in calgary in canada? he has m/s ..ive been a friend with him for ages..hes getting married soon..
    Hope M is well and im sure glad he is ur rock…Men like to be a “Rock”…meaning that it wont go away….Love ur blogs..ur fantastic..Respect Richard


    March 14, 2009 at 2:18 am

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