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Sunday, lovely Sunday ;-)

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Here is the description of an idyllic Sunday:

  • Wake up at 8:30. Only, you don’t know it’s 8:30 because it’s so overcast you think it is dawn, so you snuggle up for another half an hour.
  • Get up at 9:00 and think, hey, my back is sore and the only thing that helps is a swim at the gym. And gym closes at 10:00 on a Sunday.
  • Get your butt to the gym by 9:25. Saunter in, in the direction of the pool, only to be told that the pool closes at 9:40. So no time for a swim.
  • Do 5 minutes on the treadmill, for what it’s worth (so that it is not a completely wasted trip), and follow with twenty stomach crunches, so that stomach will firm up and maybe hark back to its glory days. Might take more than twenty crunchies, come to think of it 😉
  • Go to Pick ‘n Pay on the way home to buy a lovely fresh bread, just out the oven. Also purchase slab of chocolate that eat up alone, as mildly miffed at, um, anyone else that might have wanted a bit of chocolate.
  • (Feel bad later when person mildly miffed at shares their chocolate with you, lol. You don’t say a word and eat it anyway).
  • While away entire Sunday, drifting from task to task lazily, wandering around in the garden, smelling the roses and playing ‘fetch’ with the dog.
  • Practise piano. For five minutes, after which you deem that is sufficient. (not worried at all about exam in a month’s time, having only done 1/2  a piece out of four pieces. La la laaaa).
  • Make excellent and healthy Sunday lunch.
  • Followed by excellent and not-so-healthy banana-bread.
  • Sugar intake for the day, between slab of chocolate eaten alone, bar of chocolate shared with loved miffed one, and banana-bread, most of which eaten by self: sky high. High apple-pie in the sky, high.  hee hee.
  • Bounce off walls for a while.
  • Do mini mountain of dishes that has accumulated from all the cooking and baking.
  • Take dog for a walk. With miffed one. Only, no longer miffed one. By now back to loved one. Can’t remember why was miffed one, come to think of it.
  • Wait, can remember. Grrr.
  • Stuff around on facebook for a while and read blogs.
  • Speak on phone with mother.
  • For an hour.
  • Spend happy twenty mins photographing roses for competition.
  • Have long and hot bath.
  • Thank lucky stars for life, as is.
  • Settle down for a nice, long blog post.

That about sums it up, folks. A nice Sunday at home.

To round off the week please indulge me as I post a few photographs on the wholly unexpected topics of roses and a pooch.



This is one of the photo’s that I want to enter in the competition. The competition is hosted by a well-known rose farm and the prize for the quarter finals is twenty rose plants of your choice. Sounds good to me.


This is another one that I am contemplating submitting. I can only enter two photo’s, so it will be tough to choose.

I have to enter tomorrow to meet the deadline.


This is how at home the pooch is in our house, despite my best efforts at keeping her off the couches.


Michael’s medal for the Argus Cycle Tour. Those in the know say this is the medal to have. Firstly, because of the atrocious weather conditions of the day, and the fact that so many didn’t finish, and secondly because there was a detour and new route that has never been done prior to this year.


Can’t remember if I’ve posted a photo of my South Africa rose yet. But it’s pretty enough to be featured twice, isn’t it? I feel so patriotic, having a South Africa rose in my garden.

Tomorrow morning I will be getting up at six seven. Want to put in a good couple of  hours practise on my keyboard because if I don’t start putting in some serious work then I am going to plug this exam. I have underestimated the Grade 7 a leetle bit…

Till next time then. Happy blogging y’all.

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March 15, 2009 at 9:23 pm

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