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Good to be back…

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… so I can have an outlet for my moans and groans again, ha ha. Did miss the huge shoulder to cry on that is my blog.

Don’t know how I managed to stay away so long, actually.

Oh yes. I had no internet. That old chestnut.

Back to business though. On today’s agenda:

My recurring optic neuritis.

(BTW, if you’d like to skip to the end of the post, there are  some photo’s. Just saying).

Is. Driving. Me. Nuts!

Okay, so you know about the relapse. It started off mildly enough, but eventually hotted up to be probably the worst I’ve had since starting on the trial meds. Exam stress? I don’t know, but something was aggravating that bugger.

I had the usual tingles and bolts of electricity up and down various limbs. Hardly batted an eyelid at that. Then it progressed to my right foot, which made me sit up and take a bit of notice because I’m not about to give up driving again. Our marriage barely made it through the last stint of me not driving (which lasted a good four years, at least). Ha ha. Even the best husband on earth (i.e. mine) can only make it through so many enforced shopping trips with his wife before he starts to crack.

Anyway, that freaked me out. And then my right hand started losing feeling and sensitivity. Which = terrified pianist.

But the worst symptom, by far, was the optic neuritis. It has a new slant now, which is tension headaches if I read anything, be it a book, a blog or a freaking tv guide. Because of the eye strain, I can only imagine.  Great sensitivity to sunlight, also, but I’ve had that before.

Not a recipe for fun times for a book lover and internet junkie such as myself. No sir.

I ended up going to hospital and treating with one gram Solu-medrol. (They actually ask me at the hospital now, “Will that be your regular?”

Afterwards, true to form, I regretted not having taken more of the meds. I needn’t have worried though, as everything has cleared up quite nicely to what it was before. Not perfect, but it is what it is, and I can live with it. I can drive, I can make sweet(ish) music and I can read.

Last night, however, after spending some time on the internet, I went to sleep with a very unpleasant tension headache, centered right behind my right eye.

Now I don’t know if it has come back, or if it never went away in the first place but subsided somewhat from me not being on the computer much. Or (and this is my favourite option) it is still busy healing but is just not 100% yet. I  hope that is it. My poor immune system is still recovering from the last round of steroids and I’ve picked up yet another feeble little cold.

The optic neuritis is by far my most recurrant symptom of MS, and frankly it sucks quite a lot.

Another thing that is bothering me is why am I still getting relapses every 2-3 months when everybody else on the Fingolimod trials seems to have 0 relapses on the meds? Maybe I need to start investigating other treatment options here. The optic neuritis and I have reached the end of the road and one of us has to go. And it’s not going to be me. I was here first. So kindly f*ck off, Optic Neuritis. I’ve had enough of you to last me a lifetime. B’bye now. Off you go. Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

What has finally pushed me over the edge is the headaches. I am a huge sissy when it comes to headaches. I could handle the optic neuritis when it was just dimming my vision but I draw the line at headaches, dammit.

Good to have that off my chest. Tune in tomorrow for another whinge. Bring your own cheese, I’ll provide the whine 😉

And now for the photo’s. Think of it as a photographic Bluebeary update.

June 2009 011

This is quite a funny story. We didn’t know it at the time of the photo being taken but there was a mouse living in this couch. But Beary knew! She’d either paw at the couch to try and convey to us dim-wits that there was a MOUSE in her couch. Or else she’d try and stick her face in the couch (as shown above) to get a good sniff.

June 2009 111

Our Beary is a looker, alright. This photo was taken yesterday. Isn’t she growing up into the most stunning dog?

June 2009 107

Case in point.

June 2009 015

This beautiful specimen, which we think is a moth, flew in one evening expressively to be photographed, I  think. It risked life and limb when it posed on the tile like this as it was too much for Beary to resist. I had to head her off at the pass, (i.e. tell Michael to control his dog, lol) take the photo real quick and then escort the creature outside to a porch light before it got dismembered. It was just too pretty to be dismembered 🙂

Shawna, if you can identify it, I’ll be very impressed 😉

June 2009 039

Rose season is sort of drawing to a close in the cold weather. I’m actually surprised there are still a few blooms to be had. Here is a bouquet that I gave my mom and gran while my gran was visiting us for two weeks.

June 2009 099

And here is a little posie that I gave my mom-in-law for her birthday.

June 2009 126

The beautiful Pearl of Bedfordview giving it one last show for the season.

June 2009 114

While I was feeling so sharty, Michael asked me what he could buy me to make me feel better. A chocolate  maybe? I told him there was only one thing that would make me feel better and that was a rose plant. Hence the above Bella Rosa, which means ‘beautiful rose’ in Italian, and you can see why.

I think I’ll leave it at that and quit while I’m ahead. Rather that than quitting while I’m a headache! I can feel the eyes are straining so best be off…

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