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Got an award – and nearly missed it.

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Thank you to The Daily for my Top 100 award, in the category ‘MS blogs’.

Thanks also to Lisa Emrich for her Carnival of MS bloggers and the hard work she has done in tracking down all us MS bloggers on the web. Over 200 so far and counting.

I logged onto my wordpress dashboard earlier and noticed that I had 12 comments in the ‘spam queue’. Thought I’d better check and see if there weren’t any actual comments in there, and lo and behold, not only were there a couple of really nice comments from readers I haven’t ‘met’ before (saying nice things about my blog, too) but there was a message notifying me of my award and supplying me with the html code for the lovely widget.

And to think I nearly missed it!

I ♥ a good award as much as the next blogger.

Michael is away from home at the mo playing in a golf competition in Bloemfontein. He left yesterday already so that he could map the GPS co-ordinates for  his  Golf GPS, which is also his part-time career, as he agents it in SA. Today is the competition and I so hope it is going well and not raining. The weather forecast said 30% chance rain, so I hope that it doesn’t materialise while he is playing.

Funny thing, but when Michael is away overnight, Beary takes her guard-dogging extremely seriously. She’s normally a good watch-dog, but when it’s just the two of us here and the Alpha Male a.k.a. Michael is away, then she is super vigilant. Don’t know what I ever did without a dog in the house. I feel so safe with her sleeping outside my bedroom door 🙂

I’m having a pretty good time on my own. The house is looking nice and spick and span, what with a man not being in residence and all, lol. Picking up all the sports paraphernalia lying around is a full-time job on its own 😉

I have two great books that I am reading. The one is Katie Alender‘s book, Bad  Girls Don’t Die, which I have been wanting to read for ages. Katie and I became blogging friends about a year ago and I have been dying to read her first book. Finally ordered it on Kalarhari and I am so impressed with her lovely, accessible style. I’m only a 100 pages in and it was all I could do to wrench myself away from it to have lunch and do a quick blog post. (Well, it was gonna be quick, but then I discovered my award 😉

The other book I am reading is the autobiography of Pattie Boyd, 60’s supermodel and ex-wife of George Harrison and Eric Clapton. My mom ordered this book when I ordered mine. She read it in an evening as she is a superfast reader and then passed it on to me. It is shaping up to be such a good read and provides a lot of insider info into the rocking 60’s social scene. I wouldn’t have thought that it was quite my scene, but it is riveting reading! So well written, very engaging.

In between reading the two books, I make baleful eye-contact with my theory of music textbooks, lying neglected on the table. *sniff* Unfortunately, the competition is too stiff for the poor theory books to be contenders in the readathon. A fact I will probably bitterly regret while sitting the three hour exam on October 14. Oh well, Annie is coming to visit on Sunday and has promised me a crash-course and some of her old notes from when she was doing Four-part harmony.

My back is sore again. I think my sacro-iliac joint is a bit inflamed again, actually. Earlier in the week, one of my Crocs slipped in a smear of water (which may or may not have been dog drool) in the kitchen. My foot flew out from under me at lightning speed and I fell down heavily on my left knee and my hand, Luckily I didn’t fall backwards or it would have been a lot worse. The knee pained for a day or two and then it shifted to my lower back. I seriously need to get to the gym’s swimming pool to stretch it out a bit. It gets so tense and sore when I’ve been sitting in front of the pc for a while like I’m doing now.

Just before I sign off, a quick update on the poo situation: Much Improved. (Note: that’s the cow poo in the garden I am referring to, btw).

It doesn’t smell anymore and the grass is growing like there’s no tomorrow. Well, except for the bald spot which was the reason I got talked into fertilizing it in the first place! How annoying.

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September 25, 2009 at 2:03 pm

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  1. Congrats on the award 🙂


    September 27, 2009 at 11:47 am

  2. I am glad your fall wasn’t worse…
    And congrats on the award!


    October 7, 2009 at 10:43 am

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