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Big hail-storm

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Day before yesterday the biggest hail storm in years hit our town. There was so much damage to cars, homes, businesses… sjoe!

Michael and I were lucky. Kind of. I narrowly missed being caught on the open road right slap bang in the middle of the storm. I was visiting family and had only just gotten to Michael’s work place when the storm hit with a vengeance.

Michael tried to park the car in the warehouse, but the gate was locked and the guy who had the remote key was taking his sweet time, so M found the nearest tree and parked the car under it.

Unfortunately, it took a hammering anyway and the paintwork is full of pock marks where the hail connected. It is to cry over.

But some had it far worse. There were cars parked in underground parking that were all but submerged in hail and are write-offs. Others had the roofs of their homes collapse from the weight and force of the hail.

Hundreds of dead birds lying all around town. It is so sad.

My rose-buds (which were tallying in at +/- 150 buds) were mostly decapitated, so the big bloom that I was looking forward to in October (the rose month) will be severely reduced). The bushes themselves are okay, though, albeit stripped of most of their leaves) so I’m not complaining too loudly.

Poor Beary was all alone during the storm. Luckily she was in the house though.

She got her ‘Summer cut’ yesterday at the doggy parlour. Photo’s to follow. As soon as I get off my lazy behind and blue-tooth them from the cell-phone to the pc. (My camera is still without batteries, so been using the cell’s camera).

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October 1, 2009 at 5:06 pm

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