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Will he hold your purse?

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What a beautiful story I came upon earlier, entitled: Will he hold your purse?

I actually thought it would be a humorous  story, maybe a fun little quiz to do about how handy your man is, etc.

Then I read it and had to wipe away a tear.

Michael has been holding my purse (or handbag) since before we even started dating.

Shortly after we met, I went on a couple of dates with his best friend. Funny thing though, Michael was present on nearly all our dates. (Well, three out of the four, anyway).

One of these outings was to the fair-ground at the local show. And when Gordon (the friend) and I went on one of the rides, I asked Michael to hold onto my handbag for me, which he did.

The relationship with Gordon soon petred out as we realised that we weren’t remotely right for each other. And not too long afterwards began the big, swept-me-off-my-feet, romance that only happens once in a lifetime.

And Michael has been holding my bag for me ever since.

Yes, in waiting rooms at the doctors’ suites, but also when we go to the mall and I want to go to the loo. Or whenever the occasion warrants it.

And my heart always gives a little squeeze at the sight of my big, manly man unselfconsciously clutching my handbag for me.

Love is truly in the little things.

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October 5, 2009 at 10:03 pm

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