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I’ve a good mind to take back the nice things I said about Michael 🙂 He can be such a grumpy and facetious old boots, lol.

And my temper is pretty flammable, too, when he presses the right buttons. And I somehow get the impression that he delights in pushing those buttons, sometimes. Ha ha.

BTW if you’re reading this on a feed reader, you probably won’t notice the strategic strike-throughs. Suffice it to say that I am not exactly amused.

Are we cross with each other? Why, no. But it is still The Itchy and Scratchy Show* going on ’round here at the least provocation. I think sometimes we just enjoy getting on each other’s nerves. I hope I’m wrong, but it could even be a hobby 😉

Can’t wait for him to get home so’s I can challenge him to a game of table-tennis :-p

It is  not  boring around here. Since his management course, Michael is being even more infuriating because he is practising his new techniques on me ( in a very calm manner, I might add) and it has reduced me to a state of door-slamming pique.

But how can I be angry with someone who comes and wakes me up in the morning to tell me how much the dog enjoyed him brushing her this morning? And to tell me he loves me.

We went to our Tswana evening class last night. We are never in the mood to go. (I mean, who feels like learning a new language at 7pm on a Tuesday night?) But we always end up enjoying ourselves quite a lot. And somehow (through absolutely no effort or diligence on our part, must be some weird process of osmosis) we are starting to pick up a lot of sentences and vocab words. Last night we decided that we are going to start taking it seriously. We are doing a test next week, and the person out of our group of four who gets the least correct answers has to buy everyone else a chocolate the next lesson. (This might have been my idea, lol)

* He is Itchy and I am Scratchy. Or it might be the other way ’round. Our relationship can be a bit volatile sometimes when we are not being sickeningly lovey-dovey, is what I’m saying 😉

♥ you, Honey

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October 9, 2009 at 10:44 am

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