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Harmony Rose

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I never thought I would enjoy gardening this much! I never struck myself as the type šŸ˜‰

I waited all Winter for October, the rose month. I counted each bud that was formed with glee. (By the way, don’t count your buds before they hatch bloom, take it from me).

Last time I counted, they tallied at roughly 150 buds. Probably more.

Then came the hail storm. Some of the bushes were really roughed up. At least the ten or so in pots behind a wall were largely untouched. But all in all, rose-month was severely diminished. Still, they are rallying nicely now, and I expect there will a nice flush at the end of the month, or beginning of November. And there have been lots of nice blooms anyway and none of the plants were irreparably damaged.

I was lucky. A lot of people’s gardens were completely annihilated, with barely a blade of grass remaining. I just had a bit of a setback, but nothing too catastrophic that would break a fledgling gardener’s spirit.

Apparently, the hail brings nitrogen to the soil, so what it doesn’t kill outright, it does make stronger, true to the old adage. The new growth is quite impressive, I must say.

Last week, I did that stint as an interpreter for that young girl doing her grade 4 Royal schools piano exam. I was fairly nervous before, as I’d never done anything like it, but it went really well. It was interesting to sit in on the exam and I didn’t actually need to do much translating as it turned out. I think I was helpful in calming the student down, at least. I joked with her beforehand, and during the exam shot her encouraging smiles. She played liked a star, I think she will do very well. Maybe even merit, I think.

Anyway, I was paid R100 for it. Like I said, I wanted to buy a rose with a musical-sounding name, and had settled on Harmonie – a beautiful-smelling rose of a strong coral, salmon colour. I did a search on the net to find photo’s on Flikr of this rose. I typed in Harmonie rose photo’s which usually yields good results. IĀ  hit enter and hundreds of links appeared, to my surprise. And not only photo’s, but videos, too, which had me flummoxed. I wasn’t quite sure what a video of a rose would entail, but I was game to find out. But just before I clicked on the link, I read the ‘blurb’ on it and made the connection.

Harmony Rose is a popular porn-star. Hahaha. What are the odds?!

But like I told Michael, “Um, I was just looking for photo’s of my rose, hey.”

How was I to know a porn-star would have such a classy name, lol. Harmony Rose indeed.

Yesterday I went to buy my rose. Far from putting me off the rose, I was even more adamant to buy it, since it now had such a classic story behind it and was commemorative of my brief stint as an interpreter šŸ™‚

When I got to the nursery, there it was. Wait, let me go and take a photo of it…


And a close-up (courtesy of Nokia N95):


The guy at the nursery told me that they had a huge amount of hail-damage to the their roses. They actually lost the whole lot and had to get new stock.

Michael remarked afterwards that they should have sold those roses at a very reduced rate. Even if they were knocked down to the ground, they were likely still salvageable, if given some TLC.

But the funniest was the way he put it: Kom hael vir jou ‘n special!

I can’t possibly translate how funny this is to non-Afrikaans speaking folk.

And here is the lovely Miss Rose herself (courtesy of Wikipedia). I’ll leave you to decide whether she is as lovely as the flower.

Harmony Rose
Harmony Rose adjusted.jpg

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October 11, 2009 at 5:51 pm

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  1. pragtige roos. Ek het nou net hierdie website gesien en toe aan jou gedink….


    October 22, 2009 at 8:16 pm

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