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Scraping the bottom of the barrel…

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*sigh* Beary is not the drawcard that she once was. Not even one comment on her vlog. Shame. She keeps checking if someone wrote something nice about her, but nothing doing.

And as if that isn’t bad enough, there is a fat ginger cat flaunting itself on the other side of the fence and it’s driving her nuts. The insolence of that cat is too much to be born.

On the upside, at least it’s distracting her from the lack of comments on her vlog, lol.

Anyhoo, you know blogging fodder is thin on the ground when you are reduced to posting photo’s of yourself like this:


I take a lot of photo’s in the garden of whatever’s in bloom. And late afternoon you’re likely to see a cheesy shadow cast by yourself and will be rendered practically powerless to resist taking a snapshot of it with the camera phone in your hand. hehehe

And then it will occur to you to try and make shadow animals with your free hand, though it won’t come out very successfully and your ‘rabbit’ will come out looking more like the ‘V’ sign…


Then a majestic vista catches your eye and, standing under the awning of the roof to avoid the glare of the late afternoon sun, you snap the scattered clouds as they whizz by, marveling at the simple beauty that exists…


Reluctant to end the trigger-happiness that is digital photography you twirl around for more subjects, and smile as the roses clamour, “Me, me, me!”

You admire a rose so brilliantly crimson that it almost hurts the eye to look at it with the sunlight bouncing off it. Even the camera has a hard time focusing…


Feeling like the paparazzi in the flower-bed version of Hollywood, you snap the following socialites in quick succession, already thinking up salacious stories to go with the photographs…


Double Delight.




Super Iceberg.


Soaring Wings.


Garden Queen.

(We do love photographing the Royals, after all).

Then you think to yourself that you better start getting ready for the Tswana lesson tonight before Michael gets home.

Fortunately, in between uploading photo’s onto wordpress, you have been making dinner, a hugely sophisticated dish known as Pap ‘n Wors :-p

But just before you dash, you feel the need to post one last pic, a gratuitous photo of yourself and the poochie formerly and currently known as Beary 😉


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November 10, 2009 at 6:13 pm

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