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I keep putting off blogging because I’m afraid the catch-up might involve work, ha ha. So what I’ll do is just a very basic catch-up.

My birthday:

My 30th birthday was on January the 4th. It was heavenly. Michael sure knows how to treat a girl on her birthday. We went to watch Avatar (the 2D version) and I enjoyed it a lot. Spent some time with family and friends, ate lots of cake and just generally relaxed and had fun together. Gotta love a man who takes the day off work on your birthday to wait on you hand and foot and make you feel loved.

January passed in a bit of a blur, didn’t it? I’m sure stuff happened, but I don’t recall much. That’s why one should update one’s blog more regularly, hey? Then one would know what one did in January, lol.


Oh wait, I just remembered. Michael and I have been on a date every Saturday this year. We went and watched a whole lot (3) movies on the big screen. That was fun, because for a long time we just never went to the movies, mostly because it was too difficult for me when I was lurching from one MS relapse to the next. It’s kinda hard when you need to pee every five minutes and can’t walk properly to the loos to sit through a 2hr long movie. But anyway, I’m doing much better now, so we’ve been making up for lost time.

   We went to see Planet 51 (very cute and witty), Did You Hear About the Morgans (quite charming little chick-flick with a kick-ass soundtrack) and at the end of Feb will be going to see It’s Complicated, with Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin.

I know, I’m really lucky to have a hubby who likes to watch chick-flicks with me 🙂


Speaking of hubby, we had quite a scare a week ago with him. It was on our wedding anniversary and we were going to eat out to celebrate it. But then he had a strange ‘episode’ during which he couldn’t access his short-term memory at all. He was functional in the present moment, but anything that had happened longer than two minutes previously, he couldn’t recall if his life had depended on it. Scary, scary stuff. This went on for about 5 hours. He went to hospital the following day and had some tests run, none of which showed up much except for a slight peak in his EEG.

The neurosurgeon started him on Epilim because it is suspected that he has a mild case of epilepsy! No official diagnosis has been made, but we will be going to a neurologist and have an MRI scan done to find out exactly what it is. The GP  thinks it likely that it is a form of epilepsy, as he has been having a recurring symptom of deja vu. The GP also thinks that it may be as a result of the car accident he had 18 years ago, and that the brain injury is acting up a little.

I will feel much better once we have seen the neurologist and had it confirmed, one way or the other. I have been pretty worried about him.

Oops, gotta go now, but at least I have attempted a catch-up, so tomorrow should go better….

Till then.


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February 18, 2010 at 3:22 pm

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