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I have been helping Michael out with his side-line job, the agenting of a very nifty golf GPS that works on one’s gps-enabled cell phone. Funky, I tell you, and I’m not even a golfer. I don’t want to mention it by name (again) because he understandably doesn’t like it when web-searches for his product land up on a naff personal blog i.e. mine. lol. Not very business-like.

(Although if you did land here and you are a golfer, feel free to contact me for details.)

Anyway, I have been helping out with the sales part of it, phoning potential clients who have downloaded our free trial version. (Yikes, never in a million years thought of myself as doing this. Still, I feel as though I am growing and becoming more confident.)

It’s helping me a lot, actually. I have been having nagging self-esteem issues (which is not me at all) the past couple of years from feeling that I don’t contribute enough financially in our household. Now I feel like I am bringing in more of my share, and also taking some of the load off Michael’s shoulders. The poor dude was working much too hard. I have a pretty good idea that this was the reason for his health playing up this past while. He needs to slow down some and I am determined to help him with that. We need to do some lifestyle adjustments, too. More R&R for Michael, definitely.

Another venture of mine that did a bit of  a bit of a belly-flop was my fledgling music-school. Now that I have my Gr7, I am allowed to give casual lessons. So I placed an advert in the local newspaper advertising my services. Casual beginner’s lessons for all ages, was my precise wording. I got a sum total of 1 responses. A 22 -year-old guy called Tom, who wanted keyboard lessons. He sounded all keen, but never did phone back to book an appointment 😦

In the meantime, I am ‘practising’ on my godson, Quintus. He is enthusiastic about being my guinea-pig and is learning fast. Only one lessons and he can already play three little tunes. I’m so proud 🙂

I want to do my grade 8 Unisa exam in October this year. The pieces are going well and I want to go for a distinction this time. I would probably need a couple of lessons but not too many, I don’t think. Just some help with the aural part of the examination.

   The theory, on the other hand, will be a complete nightmare. The pre-requisite for a gr8 practical is a grade 6 theory. Hectic, especially as my theory background is in a bit of a shambles! I reckon I will need 2 lessons a week, till October, starting a.s.a.p.  To the tune of R120 each.

Now, I really don’t want to take this money out of our house-keeping budget. I feel like a bit of a spoilt brat that ‘our’ money should have to pay for my obsession with music. I came to the conclusion that the only way I would feel comfortable with it, was if my music paid for my music 🙂 I need six students a week to pay for my own lessons, so that is my goal. I will advertise more aggressively and rustle up those 6 students, by hook or by crook 😉 I will visualise them into being, if I have to, lol.

And then it will be all systems go, yay! 🙂

Tune in tomorrow, for an update on Beary and Teddy.

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February 19, 2010 at 11:13 am

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  1. Gee and we never did a lesson this weekend!!! Oops. But he does love it. I appareciate it that you are doing this with him


    March 7, 2010 at 7:19 pm

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