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The Pooches:

I thought we had made a huge mistake by buying Teddy. The reason we decided to buy him was purely for Beary. We reckoned that we were getting too attached to her and that she was getting too attached to us. And that she was lonely when we went out and left her behind. Cue Teddy.

I saw the ad for Chow puppies in our area, going for R650 apiece. We couldn’t get him yet, as we had that golf expo up in JHB. But the Monday after we got home, I went to fetch him. The price had dropped to R300 as Chows don’t seem to be that popular ’round here. Can’t think why that is 🙂

Anyway, I did a very stupid thing. Teddy was terribly hungry and crying for food (he was 8 weeks already but had still been nursing from his mother). It was panic-stations and I rushed to the QwikSpar down the road to get him some puppy food. The stupid part was that I fed him out of Beary’s dish. How insensitive of me!

She got this look on her face as if she just couldn’t believe it. I think she thought we were replacing her, trading the old in for the new. She promptly went and lay behind the couch and wouldn’t come out for the rest of the evening, no matter how much I apologised and fussed over her. I felt like such a scab.

Teddy, for his part, was still a bit bewildered. When he got to our home for the first time and clocked Beary, coming at him in full play-mode at 100km/h, he gave a squeak of fright and headed for my arms to take refuge.

This was roundabout the time I thought I’d made a really bad mistake and upset the perfect equilibrium we’d had going with just one dog. Things had been good, why’d I have to go mess with it. Michael and I resolved not to get too attached to Teddy. We were toying with the idea of taking him back. Getting rid of him. (Gee, I find it hard to type that because we love the little tyke now).

Anyway, we didn’t take him back, Beary  got over her pique and we now have a much healthier dog situation around here. We love both the dogs, they love each other, it’s much more balanced. The best move we could have made.

Teddy is a real little sweetheart. He is very unassuming, not an in-your-face dog at all. He’s a solid little character, with a stocky build. Good appetite, too. He’s actually taught Beary to be a better eater. She used to be fussy and leave half her food on the dish for the ants to get (I had to throw away so much dogfood!) Now she knows that if she doesn’t eat it then he will. And she can’t stand that, so she eats her food at record speed when it is dished up, lol.

They play together so nicely, I hope it lasts.

At the end of the day, I’m very glad that we got Teddy. He’s been no trouble whatsoever, just given us lots of joy. I felt a bit sheepish about having two huge (okay, medium) dogs living in the house with us.  I wasn’t raised with animals living in the house, so didn’t really care for the idea. But now I love it. They are such good company and the most ideal housedogs. Very clean. And excellent watch-dogs. Desperate times call for desparate measures. And the crime in South Africa is pretty desparate. Much better to have the dogs in the house where they will sound the alarm if needs be. I’m certainly sleeping better at night with the knowledge.  

Only prob, is that Teddy can also reach to jump on the couch now. Don’t know where Michael and I are going to sit, lol.



Just got back from lunch and that bloody mutt, Teddy, dug a big hole at the base of my Bewitched rose bush! He will find his ass at the SPCA if he digs up my rose-bushes!!

(Yeah right ;-P)

(I’ll be pretty annoyed about it, though).

Written by Maggie

February 24, 2010 at 2:09 pm

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  1. I think your pooches are just gawjiss Maggie 🙂 Nice to see you around again. How is M doing? Take care and love to all 🙂


    February 27, 2010 at 11:16 pm

  2. Oh, I have started my blog up again (dunno for how long) but pop around sometime….GEN


    February 27, 2010 at 11:17 pm

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