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Happy 2011

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What an excellent time of year to start blogging again 🙂

I really regret that I haven’t kept up with my blog this past year. One day, I am going to wonder what I did in 2010, because I won’t have any records of it. Sad, because it has been a really good year – one of the best I’ve had in ages.

Sure, it had it’s crap bits, but in general, 2010 was kind to me 🙂

So I am officially making it one of my resolutions this year, i.e. to blog regularly about what I’m up to. Even the most mundane, day to day stuff can become interesting when read about years down the road. That has been my experience, anyway.

So happy 2011 to everybody! I look forward to being back in the blogging community again.

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January 1, 2011 at 9:43 pm

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