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The tale of the stowaway bunny…. by maggsbunny.

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Before I start with the story, let me first provide a bit of background info.

Michael and I live in a complex of four townhouses.

And in the complex lives a black rabbit. This rabbit just showed up one good day and adopted the people living diagonally across from us as his own. At first, he came and went regularly. I reckoned he was living a double life.

But lately, he hasn’t been going anywhere. The oldish couple, whose garden he lives in, moved in here recently. They had no pets, but then the little rabbit showed up and they LOVE it. The rabbit, in turn, hops along after the Oom while he does his gardening, like a little puppy dog. And it lets the Tannie cuddle him to sleep.

Beary is not that keen on the rabbit. Every morning, it lollops around the communal parking area of the complex in full view of Beary’s look-out post (a.k.a as our front porch) and she barks at it incessantly until it lollops back to its own garden.Beary is not a barky dog at all, but that black bunny stirs something in her blood.

In a nutshell: everyone in the complex loves the rabbit, who was named ‘Lucky’ earlier this week by his owner..

So this morning, some time after he left for work, Michael phoned me to ask me something strange. Have I seen the rabbit?

Not recently, I told him.

“Funny thing”, says he. “There is a black rabbit outside my work. I leave home, and there’s a black rabbit. I get to work – there’s a black rabbit.”

We concluded that it must be a weird coincidence.

After lunch, I went back to work with him, as I wanted the car to go and visit my parents. As I left, I saw the (very familiar-looking) rabbit. I called Michael to come and see where it was skulking in the bushes in front of the building.

I visited at my parents’ till just before 6pm, when Michael finishes work. Just as I got there, my phone rang. It was my neighbour. I had mentioned to her that we had sighted a black rabbit at Michael’s work (which is 7km from our home). She phoned to tell me that the rabbit had not been sighted the whole day and that its owners were getting worried, especially after I mentioned that I had seen it in town.

I called Michael and we went looking for the rabbit. It was not where we had first seen it, but some searching revealed it to be a little down the road, next to one of the residential houses there. I asked the man in the garden if it was his rabbit (still not believing that it was actually the rabbit from our complex) The man said no.

This left us with somewhat of a dilemma. We had a hunch that it might be ‘our’ rabbit, but thought it had to be extremely unlikely. How would the rabbit have gotten in and out the car without Michael seeing it? On top of this, he is severely allergic to rabbits, so its presence in the car would surely not have gone unnoticed. It was probably just a huge coincidence and was someone else’s black rabbit.

“Must be the Chinese year of the Rabbit,” I quipped.

What if it wasn’t the right rabbit and we loaded it up and it turned out to be wild and have rabies or something?

I got behind the rabbit and headed it off at the pass, before it took off down the road, and then one of Michael’s staff slowly approached it and quick as lightning grabbed it. It didn’t really struggle at all. Pretty tame.

In the interim, we phoned the owners and described the rabbit and they confirmed that it had a white foot. I still wasn’t convinced that something so fantastical could occur as that rabbit teleporting itself from one place to another. But there was no way I was leaving it behind. So we loaded it into a cardboard box with a clip-board as a lid and off we went. Me balancing the whole kaboodle on my lap.

Before long, I felt a trickle of warm rabbit-pee running down my legs. It was seeping out of the bottom of the box. Yuck. I quickly put it on the rubber car mats and hurriedly moved my handbag and gym-bag out of danger.

Ten minutes later, we arrived home to an anxious neighbour waiting for us. The lid was lifted for the big reveal.

“Yes, it’s my rabbit!” he exclained happily, scooping it out of the box and cuddling it to his chest.

Michael and were SO happy that it was the right rabbit. (Especially as we had no idea what we would have done with it if it hadn’t been the right one!)

Together, we put together the pieces of the puzzle:

1. Michael left for work. Shortly afterwards, realized he forgot his cellphone. Came back, stopped outside our door. Jumped out of the car, leaving the cardoor open.

2. The complex gardener arrives for work, startling the rabbit, who dashes across the parking area. Our neighbour sees this, but thought the rabbit ran around our car.

3. Rabbit jumps in our car.

4. Michael returns to the car, gets in, and drives off, oblivious to the fact that he has a stowaway.

5. Ten minutes later, Michael arrives at work. Somehow, rabbit gets out of the car without Michael noticing it.

6. Two hours later, Michael looks out of his office window at his car and sees the rabbit next to it. He thinks he’s going nuts and phones me to hear if I can see the rabbit anywhere at our complex.

7. I mention it to my neighbour, but otherwise forget about it.

8. Michael comes home for lunch. I go back with him so I can take the car. As I leave, I spot the rabbit. I tap on M’s office window and tell him I’ve seen the rabbit. He comes out to have a look, but the rabbit is gone again.

9. I visit with my mom, only coming to fetch Michael at 6 o’ clock. The neighbour phones to report the rabbit still missing. We go out to have one last look. And there it is, down the road. We duly catch it and bring it home.

So Lucky the bunny spent nearly twelve hours next to a fairly busy road, with people walking up and down all day without coming to any harm. Nearly all the people that work at that building came out to have a look at him during the course of the day. And that little rabbit just waited for his ride  home.

A little miracle, I tell you. So many things had to come together for us to rescue Lucky.

What a special day.

Oh, and the rabbit’s ‘people’ are so grateful to us for bringing their sweet bunny home.

(Little did Michael know this morning that it would turn out to be ‘bring your bunny to work’ day. LOL

This is where we spotted the rabbit before we left M’s work to go home. Notice the road directly behind it, which is extremely busy most of the time.

Here’s Winston, who caught the rabbit for us, getting closer.

Winston just before he grabbed the rabbit. He was so quick!

The rabbit didn’t struggle much. It’s as if he knew this was his ride home and he must behave. Smart bunny.


The End


Note: This whole incident took place on Tuesday.

Written by Maggie

January 13, 2011 at 10:50 am

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  1. This is one amazing story really Maggie. So many many things could have gone wrong for this lucky rabbit. So glad Michael could take him back home. Glad you took some photo’s he must be one very tame rabbit 🙂


    January 13, 2011 at 12:56 pm

  2. A lot of people keep a rabbit’s paw for good luck… No wonder he is lucky, with four paws and all 🙂

    Wegolf SA

    January 13, 2011 at 2:54 pm

  3. Oh, I’m so glad you got the bunny home safely! He must have been very confused!

    Katie Alender

    January 13, 2011 at 9:07 pm

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