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Update on the stowaway bunny :-)

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Life has continued as usual in our residential complex.

We remained completely flummoxed over how the rabbit managed to secret itself in and out of the car without Michael noticing,  but hey, some mysteries in life remain unsolved and one just has to accept it.

But yesterday, all was revealed.

Michael saw Lucky Bunny disappear under our car. When the bunny didn’t reappear, Michael got down on his knees and peeked under the car. Nothing.

He checked the back of the car, nada.

Checked the front of the car… niks.

But then he heard a snuffling sound. He managed to trace it to underneath the car’s chassis. There is a sort of plastic cover over the engine, and this is where the rabbit was perched. This is where it had been when it was traveling to work with him. Not in the car. Amazing!

Since then, we have been understandably cautious when we drive anywhere, first checking to see if there is a freeloading rabbit catching a ride.

Michael checked this morning before he left for work.

When he got  home  for lunch, I needed to go to the KwikSpar down the road for some groceries and a card for our electricity meter, which was saying ADD CASH. I didn’t check for the rabbit.

I arrived back home, loaded the electricity meter, packed away the groceries and made lunch for us. Then I grabbed my gym-bag and set off again to go and swim for half an hour in the gym’s pool. Belatedly, it occurred to me to wonder if the rabbit had gone with me to Spar and *gasp* perhaps stayed there.

I went to knock on my neighbour’s door to ask her if she had seen her rabbit at all that morning. She suggested we go and look in her garden and it wasn’t long before I spotted it, lying in the vegetable garden in the shade of some green beans.


So I went to the gym with a clear conscience.

Got back, ate my lunch, kissed Michael goodbye as he left for work just before 2pm.

Had a nice bath to wash off the chlorine smell from the pool. Was still in the bath when the phone rang. It was Michael.

“The rabbit’s here again,” he said.

I couldn’t help laughing. It had got us again.

Apparently all of Michael’s staff were running around trying to catch the rabbit, but it was having none of it this time.

It just run under the car again, jumped up into its little hidey-hole and refused to come out.

Eventually, Michael was left with no alternative but to drive home again, with the stowaway parked off on the undercarriage of the car! Talk about stressful. He says he drove really carefully. Regardless of the fact that the rabbit had already safely made the trip at least twice that we know of. This was the first time that Michael was actually aware of his passenger.

When he got home, the rabbit’s owners and myself were waiting breathlessy to see if the rabbit was okay.

The car stopped. We all checked it out – and then out popped the rabbit, large as life!!

I seriously wouldn’t have believed this story if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes 🙂

Anyway, they are trying to contain the rabbit now. I think he may just be running out of lives here. One can only push one’s luck so far, hey.

His name has now been upgraded from ‘Lucky’ to ‘Bloody Lucky!’

Just hope he doesn’t hitch a ride with us to Johannesburg next week. Don’t know if my nerves can take it, lol.



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January 17, 2011 at 9:26 pm

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