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Winter is here, for sure.

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Winter arrived virtually overnight here in South Africa.

One day, we were talking happily about the amazingly temperate May we were having. The next day, June the 1st, Winter arrives like a ton of bricks. No acclimatisation, nothing.

I used to hate Winter as a kid, but have since made peace with it. Life would be very boring if there was only the one season, after all.

There are plenty of good things about Winter.

Lovely, sunny Winter afternoons to take your doggies for a lunchtime walk.

No mosquitos.

No ants.

No roses, unfortunately, which is not a good thing, but it does mean a break from the gardening so that one can start up with renewed vigour next season 🙂

Snuggly evenings, with a hot beverage of some sort, preferably hot chocolate.

Hot comfort food, like baked potatoes.

Long, hot bubble-baths, to let the heat soak in.


The not-so-good things include….

I HATE getting cold.

I am very unproductive when I am getting cold. Like, useless!

The idea of going to the gym for a swim is a concept not even worth considering, even though they have a heated swimming pool.


Last night was very chilly. I went to bed with a hot-water bottle eventually, but it took me ages to warm up. And I was tormented at the thought of people living on the streets in this cold, or in shacks without even proper blankets for their beds.

I know with the poverty in this country that there are many that live like that 😦



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June 3, 2011 at 7:27 pm

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