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Michael had a fairly crap day today. He had a bad episode of vertigo, which he gets from time to time. Starting this morning, when he woke up at 6:30am.

Fortunately, we had a script for some Serc that the ENT specialist gave him a couple of months ago, so I could go to the pharmacy to get it filled.

It took about the whole day for the medicine to start taking effect, though, during which he was pretty much bedridden, as the vertigo made him extremely nauseous if he so much as sat up.

He is finally feeling a bit better and is watching some tv in our sitting room. Not 100%, but at least not feeling like a ship on the high seas anymore.

We have no idea what causes these “attacks” and it is pretty worrying. Some research on the net suggests a problem with too much, or a leakage of, inner-ear fluids. It is recommended in cases such as these to limit intake of caffeine, salt and tobacco. M doesn’t smoke, so the tobacco isn’t a problem. He is quite a coffee-pot, though, so he is going to try and cut down on the caffeine a bit. And less salty take-outs for us.

I hate seeing my honey-bunny feeling so sick 😦 At least he has perked up somewhat now, and I think the worst is over. Thank goodness for Serc.

Also, thank goodness that I am doing so much better in my own health, that I am able to take care of him when he needs me for a change.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be less eventful and we can just enjoy a nice Sunday together.

Written by Maggie

June 4, 2011 at 11:39 pm

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  1. It really is a big worry this. Especially when he is on the road. I’m thankful he didn’t go to Louis Trichardt this weekend. Poor Boeta of mine.


    June 5, 2011 at 6:53 pm

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