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What a relief this morning, when Michael woke up without the vertigo that plagued him yesterday. He says he still has a feeling of ‘heaviness’ in his head and feels a little tired. (Definitely not in the mood for exercise.) Maybe just a short relaxing walk down the road with the pooches later on. We’ll see.

This whole vertigo thing is a sword hanging over him. It starts off with short, seemingly innocuous spells, spread over a couple of weeks, months even. Then, out of the blue, a full blown attack, which renders him completely incapacitated for a day or two.

As it happens, he was planning a trip to his brother in Louis Trichardt this weekend. It takes about 7 hours to get there, and the timing would have been such that he might quite conceivingly have been on the road when it struck. Not a nice thought!

As it panned out, he rescheduled for another weekend, in a month’s time or so. Luckily.

There is a big cycling race in Louis Trichardt this time of year, called the Kremetart. Michael used to take part in it annually, and combine it with a visit to the family there. Then, about 3 or four years ago, he got the vertigo for the first time, causing him to miss that year’s Kremetart.

And lo and behold if the vertigo doesn’t come back just about every year on the weekend of the Kremetart!

He has been to specialists about this, but none of them could shed any light on what it is and what is causing it. We are flummoxed, and not a little disturbed when it happens.

At least he is better now. It is horrible to see him feeling so bad.

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June 5, 2011 at 11:19 am

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