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Found my camera/PC cable!

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So that means I can share photo’s again. Normally, I would just bluetooth the  photo’s to the laptop. Love bluetooth.

Unfortunately, the bluetooth function on my new laptop is not working. According to it, it is working just fine. When I went into the device manager, it said, “Bluetooth device working properly”. But it ain’t.

So for now, I’ll just transfer via the cable, no probs 😉

Had to find the damn thing first, which was a bit of a mission. I knew it was in the box my cellphone came in. Just didn’t know the exact location of the box, lol. Eventually found it hiding in one of the storage thingies of my dressing-table. I had put it under another box in the name of being anal using space to its full capacity.

So without further ado, let me see if I still know how to incorporate photo’s into a blog post…

First up, Beary, lying on her blanket. I know she has a thick coat, but the tiles get really cold in the Winter, so I put one of these stormy blankets down for the dogs to lie on. They really took to it, and sleep outside our bedroom door on it at night. (They aren’t allowed in our room because of M’s asthma).

Anyway, after spending a day in bed with his vertigo, Michael felt well enough to get up and watch a little tv in the sitting room. Beary went and fetched her blanket herself, and lay down on the floor next to where he was sitting. It was so sweet…

This next pic was taken outside. M was catching a bit of fresh air, after being in the house the whole day. Teddy wanted to go ‘walkies’, but M wasn’t feeling up to it yet. Teddy has this thing, if he wants you to do something for him, where he puts his head under your knee and physically lifts your leg so that you, as a dim-witted human, can get the drift…

This one was taken last night. Beary snuck into our bedroom while I was brushing my teeth. She likes to lie somewhere that has a sense of being enclosed. I joke and say she’s lying in her cave, when she creeps into various spots in the house. Last night, it was my dressing table, peeping out from under the stool. That is where she would sleep if she were allowed to. Michael calls her our Cavebear(y)…

And last, but not least, had to add this pic of the best. cereal. ever! Nestle has brought out another product in their Milo range. A combo of Milo flakes (for energy, according to the box) and Vanilla, for added Calcium. At this point, I don’t even care what’s in it, it is that delicious!

I do love my breakfast food. If it wasn’t for the fact that it would be a tad unbalanced, I would live off breakfast food 😉

Bye for now, peeps. See y’all tomorrow.

Written by Maggie

June 6, 2011 at 4:48 pm

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