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Around here, we don’t iron our clothes before they go into the wardrobes. No siree bob. Clothes get ironed as and when needed, one outfit at a time.

That’s the system.

I just can’t imagine ironing a whole hamper full of clothes continuously for an hour or two – my head might explode. I can only tolerate ironing in very small doses.

Now, from 2003, my MS was so bad that I had an automatic GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD as pertaining to the ironing. The washing I could manage, barely, but the ironing was just beyond me, alas 🙂 It was the only good thing about my MS, as  I have been known to say.

By the time I got better enough to safely navigate the ironing board (we’re talking 2007/2008 here) habits had set in. I had an ingrained habit of not doing the ironing. And Michael was pretty much institutionalised into doing his own, every morning before work. Poor guy.

Then, last year, the road and transport industry, headed by the union, had a massive, nationwide strike. As this is Michael’s industry, he had a rough time for the two week duration of the strike, going in to work super-early every morning and working till dark, no lunch break, even.

I felt worried about him, and the least I could do was to have his shirt and long-pants hanging ready and crease-free for him in the mornings.

The strike duly came to an end, and so did my fledgling stint at the ironing-board.

With one big difference – I now felt guilty about not doing it.

I had a little rethink of the situation. Michael works pretty long hours at his job, which is fairly taxing. He has also started up a second job that he does from home, which brings in a second income for us. Well, a third, if you factor in my disability pension.

Bottom line, I can no longer justify not doing the ironing, which fits very much into ‘my domain’. It’s the pay-off for me being able to stay home in a very stress-free environment and maintain my relapse-free health.

So I now do the ironing and Michael gets an extra 15 minutes sleep in the morning. He doesn’t have to sing my praises for this, I do it myself, lol.

I used to be intimidated by ironing. Turns out it’s not so hard. I seem to have the hang of it now.

Except, last night I forgot. Well, I did remember at 11:30, just before going to bed. I told myself I would wake up at 6:00 and do it then.

But I only woke up as Michael left for work.

And did I ever feel like a guilty toad about that!

Bottom line of this whole long-winded story: I love what being able to do the ironing represents in my life. It may be a sucky job, but it sucks tenfold when you aren’t able to do it, even if you want to.

Written by Maggie

October 18, 2011 at 11:24 pm

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  1. I totally hear you when it comes to not being able to do things because of the MS. I remember being in the hospital for a month the first time. Friends would come and visit. And complain about the traffic. Oh how I wanted to be in that traffic. Desperately. I would cry when they left at my desire to be fighting traffic.

    Btw, we don’t iron much here (though my dh job does not require ironed clothes), I just threw my pants in the dryer this morning to release the wrinkles.

    Charity C (@signingcharity)

    October 19, 2011 at 1:05 pm

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