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So hot!

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Yowzers, but it is hot here in sunny South Africa.

Michael’s car recorded it at 38 degrees celsius!

I’m kind of loving it, though.

Something that almost everyone with MS will tell you, is that Heat is no friend of theirs.

Couple of years ago, I just couldn’t go out in the midday sun, ala mad dogs and Englishmen.

I’d be more likely to be hopping in and out of an ice-cold bath, just to try and keep myself cool.

I lost count of all the exacerbations I had in hot weather, unable to do the simplest of household tasks for fear of overheating and getting the most debilitating muscle fatigue. I’d be unable to walk and have to lie down and wait for it to pass.

The hot weather of today brought back the memories. I had a cooling vest that I used to wear. It had to be wet before you put it on, and frankly was never much of a success, as it wet my clothes and didn’t really help all that much.

Even though today was a scorcher of  note, I had absolutely no ill-effects from it. It was fantastic. My nerves must be greatly healed from the damage they suffered during my various ms-relapses.

I think as long as I live, hot days will fill my heart with thankfulness at how far I have come.

Praise be.


Written by Maggie

October 24, 2011 at 11:54 pm

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  1. I remember you having issues with the heat so when this post started I held my breath. I did not expect you to be loving the heat! You really HAVE come a long way hey?! Yay you!


    October 25, 2011 at 4:22 pm

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