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Some nice photo’s of mah Teddy Bear!

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I took these today,  in our backyard. (Yes, the grass is still dead from Winter, I am trying to remember to water it more often 🙂 ).

I had to be a bit mean, though.

Teddy doesn’t ever want to pose properly for a nice photo, so I cheated a little.

I said, “Hey Teddy? Let’s…go…for…a….WALK!”

I had his full attention then, head tilted to one side. ‘Are you serious, or are you messing with me?”

Teddy takes his walks Very Seriously.

He lives for his walks. He is definitely one of those Chows who would be roving the streets if he but could, but instead we keep him well contained.

We do, however, take him and Miss Beary for a walk every single day. We have a nice route worked out around the block. There are a couple of barky little dogs on it, and some Labradors and a good-natured Rottweiler, but no mean dogs waiting to rip us to shreds.

We tried another route once. Oh my, I nearly had a heart attack when we were charged by the biggest Rottweiler I have ever seen. He didn’t bark or growl, we just became aware of his thundering footsteps (pawsteps?) on the tar road. Michael positioned himself  between me and the charging dog, and we both just stood frozen, awaiting our fate.

Teddy, who had been out of sight behind a low wall, suddenly became aware of the commotion. He looked fixedly at the Rottie, and without uttering a sound, took one solitary, but pronounced step towards the other dog, putting himself between Michael and the Rottie.

We all held our breath, as the Rottweiler came screeeching to a halt, turned around and ran back to his house.

Phew! What a hero my Teddy boy was that day.

Anyway, he just loves his walks, and although he is somewhat aloof most of the time, if someone utters the “W” work, he is instantly on full alert. He excitedly swings his hindquarters against our legs, to galvanize us into action. We call it an ‘ass-whipping’ when he does that.

I sometimes misuse the “W” word though, I am ashamed to say. Like when I need to get him into the house when the complex gardener comes to mow our grass. Or when I want to take a photo of him 😉

In my defense, we did take him for a lovely walk not long after, and I don’t think the anticipation did him any harm.


Written by Maggie

November 3, 2011 at 11:39 pm

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  1. Aaah! He is gorgeous!


    November 4, 2011 at 9:09 am

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