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I did promise a proper post today, so here it is.

I did not, however, promise a long one :-p

Frankly, the past two weeks haven’t been the greatest, hence the dirth of blog posts.

I have been a bit stressed for a couple of reasons. Firstly, that project we had on the go, remember that? Turns out it didn’t need me stressing about it, but it did keep us preoccupied for a good week. All sorted now though.

The other thing was that my mom had to have surgery to have her thyroid gland removed, and that had me plenty worried. She ended up going through the op with flying colours and is doing much better now. Still a couple of niggly worries regarding the meds and treatment, but I trust she will have a full and happy recovery. We will be celebrating her 62nd birthday on Thursday.

The third thing, which was probably as a direct result of the first two, was a minor MS flare-up. Numbness in the oddest places (and we’ll just leave it at that), and a disconcerting case of optic neuritis, which resulted in a blinding headache one night last week, accompanied by a feverish feeling and nausea.

Thankfully, I found some old homeopathic drops that I used to treat my optic neuritis (inflamed optic nerve) with in the cupboard (gelsemium and hypericum) and that cleared it up pretty quickly.

I was pretty relieved, because optic neuritis used to be the absolute bane of my life and I was not welcoming its return.

Anyway, things are pretty much back to normal, as far as the MS is concerned. I think it may have had to do with a spike in hormone levels, which is sometimes the case, with these minor flare-ups. It is actually quite scientific, and has to do with the slight rise in body temperature that women experience during specific stages of their cycle. Not sure of the specifics, but I have experienced it too many times to be coincidence. MS doesn’t play well with others, and PMS is no exception, lol.

Seeing as this is a bit of an off-loading post, I will also mention that my back has been quite sore this week. Seems like it is a little out of joint in the sacro-illiac area again. I’m going to the gym every day to swim in the pool there and hopefully stretch it out to that it settles back in again. That usually works. But for now it is hurting.

So now y’all know why I’ve been a bit scarce 🙂

The fearsome heat of the past few days has been broken, and we are experiencing the most beautiful, soft  rain. It is going to be so nice to go to sleep in this weather. Nitey-nite…


Written by Maggie

December 20, 2011 at 11:50 pm

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  1. Glad you’re feeling better!


    December 21, 2011 at 8:45 am

  2. Glad you are feeling better Maggie xxx Hope your Mom gets better real soon too


    December 21, 2011 at 10:06 am

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