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I think this may turn out to be a bit of a ‘what I did today’ post. But as it’s a day I want to remember, and as the only way to do that is to document it, well – I’m gonna.

You’ve been warned, lol.

I got up pretty late. After 9am. Probably closer to 10. I didn’t have the best night. I went to sleep well after midnight and then Beary kept barking me awake out of a deep sleep, which does tend to f*** one up a bit. She’s not a barky dog, so when she does bark, it is unsettling and I feel obliged to go and look why she is barking. About five times. So I was a bit knackered, but the lie in did help.

Then we buggered around watching tv and chatting till 11. I was determined to go to gym today, for the first time this year (cue trumpets), and Michael had to go in to work to catch up with his month-end admin stuff. I dropped him off there and then went and had a glorious swim. I put off going to gym with all kinds of excuses, but the moment I get into the pool, my whole body just relaxes and it feels so good to exercise. Must do it more often.

Finished up and then went to the bank to deposit some money. I used FNB’s self-service banking teller for the first time and it was amazing. I was in and out of there in way under five minutes. What an improvement to another bank that shall remain unnamed. All I had to put in was the bank account number and my reference. I didn’t even need to say how much money I was putting in. I just shoved it in the slot and it counted it out all by itself and then printed out the statement with all the correct information on it for me to use as my proof of payment. I am so impressed. I’ve heard about this thing they speak of called ‘technology’.

Back to Michael’s work to fetch him, and then we stopped at a shop that sells biltong, because it was rugby today and M felt like some biltong. Rugby isn’t rugby without biltong. Next door to the biltong place, is a branch of Montagu dried fruits and nuts. So we went in there too, because I had the bright-spark idea of getting pistachio nuts instead of chips (crisps) for the movie which we were planning on watching. They had some nice-looking guava rolls without preservatives too, so we got those. (Note: the preservatives they use for guava preserves, generally triggers asthma attacks in people with asthma, so we avoid it, as M battles with asthma).

Back home, and Michael played a session of Gran Turismo 5 on his Sony Playstation, while I cleaned up a bit and did some dishes. (This sounds terrible, but Michael hardly ever plays SPS games, and he’s had a really stressful week – or two, or three- at work, and he was in dire need of a bit of chillaxing. Plus, I had been a lazy-bones about the dishes, and that is why they had heaped up. Michael is not allowed to lift a finger to do dishes, or anything domestic, as he does work a 12-hour work day, and I do not).

Finished up with that, and then it was time for the movie. Michael’s choice weekend, so it was to be Cowboys and Aliens. Not the most auspicious title, in my opinion. Wasn’t really that excited about it, but I have lost count of the number of chick-flicks that Michael has watched with me, nay enjoyed with me. But within the first few minutes, I was immediately transported by this very enjoyable movie. Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, and Steven Spielberg as producer do not disappoint in this Western.

Plus, the pistachio nuts and guava rolls were a huge hit. Absolutely delicious. We munched and munched and at the end of the movie were not left with that feeling that you pigged out on junk food and it’s probably gonna take till some time next week to digest. There is definitely nutritional value in the nuts and dried fruit as opposed to chips and sweets. I was quite chuffed about the whole thing. I do have a huge thing about pistachio nuts. And they must still be in their shells – that is half the fun, cracking them open.

Then Michael watched some rugby, and I read some book. (The Story of Edgar Sawtelle). I have been wanting to read this book for ages,since it was Oprah’s book choice in 2008 and she raved so about it. My mom got it out of the library and finished it in a day. She lent it to me and said it is a very special book, and that I’m going to love it. I can’t wait to get back to it.

At some point, we had dinner, which was a gourmet Steak & Kidney pie from Pick ‘n Pay, and a tray of roast veggies. The roast veggies weren’t up to much, to be frank. They looked so nice in the store, all pre-packaged and ‘ready to roast’. I forgot how I hate pre-cut veggies – they end up drying out on the cut sides in the plastic bag and taste  like crap. I generally slice and dice my own veggies and steam them, which is healthier. All in all, the roast veggies weren’t a success – edible but mediocre. The pie, on the other hand, was very good.

The weather has been so rainy today, on and off, that we had to skip our walk. (Horror! says Teddy.) It was dark so early. I think if I lived in a place that was overcast and rainy all the time, I would get a bit depressed. I really prefer the sun. But, having said that, I enjoyed the break from watering the garden in the blazing heat.

The dogs didn’t like it much. Apart from not being able to go walkies, they haven’t been in the garden much today. We can’t let them get soaked, with that thick fur! We’d never get it all dry underneath and some dogs (Teddy) are scared of a hairdryer. A charging Rottweiler he can handle – just don’t come near him with a hairdryer.

It would be nice if we could have a doggie-door for them to come and go as they pleased, but that would be such a security breach. So they nag us to open for them, then go out for five minutes and want to come back in. Teddy has this really imperious knock that he gives. He thinks this is an hotel and that I am the doorman, lol.

What else? Oh, yes! We watched Sh*t My Dad Says. That is one of my favourite tv shows. I am a big fan of William Shatner. I liked him as Captain Kirk, in the StarTrek re-runs. I liked him as presenter of 911 and I absolutely loved him as Denny Crane in Boston Legal. Now I find him hilarious as Ed Goodson in Sh*t My Dad Says.  Each episode just seems to get better, as Michael said. We laughed a lot at it tonight.

So nothing really eventful happened today, but it was just Such A Nice Day. Things have been a bit hectic this past while, so it was nice to just do plenty of nothing today.

Tomorrow morning, we are going to Wimpy to celebrate my lovely parents-in-law’s 43rd wedding anniversary. I think that is going to be a lot of fun. Afterwards, M is going to play a round of golf, and I am going to make a(nother) vlog on his laptop while he is out. The only thing more embarassing than actually talking to a computer screen that is busy recording you, is doing so while your husband sits watching you, probably laughing his ass off on the inside 😀

Ciao till then.

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February 25, 2012 at 11:12 pm

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    February 27, 2012 at 2:49 am

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