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Something nice happened to me yesterday…

with one comment

… I stepped in some dog sh*t.


But that wasn’t the best part.

No, the really good part was that five minutes earlier I had taken off my spiffy new takkies, and put on my old, skanky ones, to take the dogs for a walk. Frankly, the dog-poo very nearly improved their condition.

(I’m not really a ‘shoes’ kind of girl. I know, I must be the only one. But seriously, I hardly ever buy myself new ones.

So I was really taken with these…

A proper brand name and everything.

So when I stepped in the dog poo (you know how you immediately know what it is when you step in it?) my first thought was ‘Hah, Murphy! You didn’t get my new shoes! L-O-L!!’

Sometimes, it’s the small victories in life that make it worth living.

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April 20, 2012 at 1:26 pm

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