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Lovely long weekend.

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Despite Michael being in a fair amount of pain with his back, we really did have a great long weekend.

Unfortunately, we went to sleep really late every night since Thursday, and now my sleep cycle is good and wrecked again. It does slot so easily back into me being a total night-owl if given the slightest opportunity!

Now I want to go to sleep at 2am and get up at 10am, and this is not particularly productive, what with the rest of country being active from 6 or 7am onwards.

I must have been a hamster in a previous life πŸ™‚

Anyway, it is now 01:05 am and I am not even sleepy. The only thing I am tired of is trying to retrain my sleep patterns.

I’ve just finished (quietly) doing the dishes and tidying, ironing etc. whilst listening to my iPod. It has been a total experience,because I am wearing our Beats by dr.dre headphones. These retail for over R2000, but we got them for free with Michael’s new laptop. Remember, his old one got stolen and the insurance paid for him to get a new one? At the time, for a very limited period, that specific laptop came with these heavenly headphones. They are exquisite. I don’t think I have ever experienced music like this.

So no plans on going to sleep anytime soon. I’m still listening, as I type here πŸ™‚ Currenty playing is Every Step I Take by Puff Diddy.

Poor Michael. He went to sleep at around 11, as he has to go to work tomorrow. His back is still pretty sore; I wish he could stay at home.

One good thing, however, is that we finally seem to have found something that works for his asthma, thanks to his parents. They gave him something called an Accuhaler (Foxair) to try out, as it is helping his Dad so much, when he gets shortness of breath while exercising. Michael has used it for two consecutive days now, and I can’t believe the difference in his breathing. Michael has basically been wheezing since I met him, at one point in the day or another. He overuses his inhaler for acute attacks constantly, which is not good. This new, accuhaler, is preventative, and boy – is it working.

I haven’t heard him wheeze or use his normal inhaler in two days! And he hasn’t woken at night fighting to breathe, either. It is so exellent. I have been so worried about it for so long. I hope this is going to be the long-term solution we have been looking for!

Tomorrow, we are going to say a very heart-felt thank you to his parents. Isn’t it wonderful how one’s parents never stop helping out and caring for one whenever they can? Thanks Mom & Dad.

Last night, we watched Hoofmeisie. I do not recommend it as such, but I had a couple of good giggles. Michael, on the other hand, says I may never choose the movie we watch again, lol.

Today, my baby sis (with her own baby in tow) came to visit us from Joburg. We had a wonderful visit with them at my parents home. Sarah-Kate (my 4 year old niece, was enthralled with Michael’s iPad. She had such a good time playing games on it. When we left, she cried, and we mistakenly thought it was for us, until we realised she was actually heartbroken to see the iPad going. Hah!

After we got home, I took the dogs for a walk. Michael’s back is way too sore to do this, and Teddy has been getting more and more depressed as each day goes by without him going for a walk. I had to take them individually, as I can’t handle them both at once.

Here is a ‘shadow photo’ I took of Teddy and I…

I love shadow photo’s πŸ™‚


I guess I could ramble on indefinitely, but I’d better go to bed and try to get to sleep. I do have quite a lot of stuff to do tomorrow πŸ™‚

G’ night.





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April 30, 2012 at 1:37 am

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  1. The kids do love their Oom Cycle and his iPad! I an so glad that inhaler is helping him. Quintus has the same one and if he doesn’t use his, he starts coughing again. We have been begging Michael to get a preventative one since forever! So glad it is helping


    May 1, 2012 at 7:54 am

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