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About time…

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… I did a post on my poor, neglected blog.

The thing is, I have been so sick this month. In my defense 😉

It started off as a pretty mild head-cold. Lots of nose-blowing and sneezing, but really nothing to write home about.

Then it suddenly changed gear and I was doing that ‘coughing all night and getting no sleep’ thing. Sinusses (sini? 🙂  ) totally blocked and general woozy feeling.

Still not too bad, until I dislocated a rib!

I think it happened one night when I ‘slept funny’ on my side. That’s how it started, anyway. It became painful to breathe, but still mostly tolerable.

One night, I woke up to a coughing fit, and then the rib went right out. Yowser!!! but that was painful. I nearly shouted the roof down, and it didn’t help that I was still having the coughing fit. I actually thought the rib might be broken,  it was that painful. I instinctively pressed my hand against the rib to protect it when I coughed, and happily, the pressure pushed the rib back into place. Or if not into place, then at least somewhere it wasn’t making me yelp in pain everytime I breathed in. Which is kinda often, as it happens.

I went back to sleep, thinking it was sorted, but when I woke up the next morning and tried to have a little coughing fit, the real pain emerged. I didn’t know it at the time, but one of my short-ribs was still semi-dislocated and it was doing something to my diaphragm, making it go into a spasm and making  breathing AGONIZING! It only lasted about a minute or two before it went out of spasm, but hell, it was sore!

I developed an active phobia of going to sleep, because if I went to sleep for a couple of hours, my diaphragm either relaxed or got too stiff, or something, but for a solid week, I had the spasm-ey thing happen at least once, sometimes twice a night. All I could do was just try and breathe shallowly until it passed.

On top of that, I started having these frightful night-sweats, where I woke up alarmingly hot and absolutely dripping with sweat, so that I had to change my night-shirt.

Eventually, I went to a chiropractor, who enlightened me that it was ‘diaphtagmatic’ and as a result of a short-rib. He actually massaged it back into place. Amazing. I could hear/ feel the cartlidge crunching into place and instant relief! He then adjusted the rest of my rib-cage, front and back.

After that, I could sleep again. Oh, how I had missed it 🙂

I’m feeling a bit fragile and weak after all this, but at least I am feeling a bit stronger every day.

I do not ever want this month over again!

I primarily wrote this down for my own record-keeping purposes. The last time I remember feeling this awful was when I had cortisone treatment for my MS. Nearly 3 years ago.

Makes me really grateful that I don’t have to go through that all the time anymore!

Maybe now that I’m feeling better, I can start blogging again and being more productive in general!

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June 10, 2012 at 9:29 pm

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