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October wrap-up

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You know you haven’t been blogging for too long a time when you have to scratch your head for your login details 🙂

I wanted to do this post last night while it actually was still October, but my back was too sore. More on that later.

In honour of National Blog Posting Month, I want to see if I can post every day in November. I’m not officially signing up for NaBloPoMo. Just trying to get the ol’ blog started up again, and that seemed like a good incentive.

Right now, a quick(ish) wrap up of October.

On 2 October, we took Beary to the doggy parlour to have her fur shaved short. Her coat had just got REALLY thick, she was looking like some kind of Woolly Mammoth of a dog. I couldn’t see her liking a Summer with that coat, and also the fear of ticks this time of year is very valid.

So off to the parlour her and I went, me armed with rolls of boiled sweets to bribe the staff into being ‘gentle’ with Beary. I stuck around until they were done with her, even though they were keen for me to leave. Thing is, it’s in a dodgy neighbourhood and their security isn’t the best. One (constantly opening and closing) door between the dogs and freedom. They are careful with the dogs, but I thought it better to be safe than sorry.

They bumped Beary to the top of the waiting list. I reckon their rationing was that the quicker they did her, the quicker I would be gone, hehe.

I stood with them for some of the time that Beary was being shaved. They have to go close to the skin because of the Chow’s fur being SO thick.

Here’s a pic of her and I before the haircut. (Bearcut 😉  )

And here’s one taken during the shearing. (The staff were very taken with the photo’s and clamoured to see them. They asked her name, and after that it was all, “Bearrry, sit still.”  “Bearrry, good dog.” “Bearrry, look here, lift your head.”

And the after. Very much the shorn sheep:

She was really happy when we took her home. She cried while they were blowing her dry. I thought maybe the heat-setting was too high, so I told them she was dry enough, and we’d take her like she was.

That night, she was really restless and scratching at doors and barking, which isn’t like her.

The next day, we thought it might make her more comfortable if we gave her a bath. When her fur was wet, we discovered that she had sore places all over her body where they had grazed her too close to her skin with the clippers! No wonder she was upset.

This photo was of behind her ear.

And this of her hindquarters, while we were bathing her…

I felt very upset about all this. Some of the sores behind her back legs were deep, and had gauged away a fair bit of flesh!

I’m not that cross with the staff, because they were gentle with her and her fur was very thick. All the same, I don’t think I will take her there again, or anywhere else. Next time she’ll have to have a DIY job at home, and we will NOT go that short!

It’s a month later now, and she is fine and happy, and looking really cute. Her fur is growing back at a rate of knots and she is super soft and fluffy 🙂

Had to write an account of the whole thing, so I didn’t forget how sore they cut her, though 😦

Sjoe, my back is getting too sore for sitting. Guess I’ll have to spread the October catch-up over a couple of days. Maybe just as well. I’ll need something to write about if I am going to blog every day 🙂

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November 1, 2012 at 4:50 pm

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