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Like, no pun intended!

I was going along all fine, and enjoying October and everything, when I put my back out again. My sacroiliac joint to be precise.

I know how I put it out, too. I got it into my head to do my Yogalates exercise DVD (East meets West combination of Pilates and Yoga).

Normally, it’s very gentle and leaves me feeling super-relaxed and limber.

Not this time, however. I was doing this one move called hip-circles (or at least, that is what I call it), where you lie flat on your back, one knee raised with foot planted firmly on the ground, and the other sticking straight up in the air, being flexed against a resistance band. The idea is then to move your straight leg in ever-increasing circles, working it into the hip. But when my leg was doing its maximum circumference, I heard a loud and resonant click, and I knew it was not good news.

Over the course of about two weeks, my back became more and more uncomfortable. I knew it was the sacroiliac joint, because when I was 26, I was plagued by it for a solid year and I know all about it. It refers pain all over the show. It’ll be in the lower back, then next day it’s in your knees or your feet and in the affected hip, which starts to feel more and more stiff and immobile.

Something that has helped me greatly in the past, was to go for a couple of sessions in the swimming pool at the gym. More precisely, it is the breaststroke kick that aligns the whole setup as it should be.

This time around, though, it was so out that my attempts in the pool only intensified the pain. I could hardly bend over and I was not sleeping well, either.

So last Monday, it was off to the chiropractor. I wasn’t keen, ’cause who likes to be ‘rukked and plukked’? And I knew I would be in pain from it for a minimun of three days afterwards.

The session itself wasn’t too bad. The doctor confirmed that it was indeed my sacroiliac playing up. And after a satisfyingly bone-crunching manoeuvre, he deemed the joint back in place, but said to come back in a week if it is still sore.

That was Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday saw me holed up in bed for most of the day in pain. Seriously, there are dishes piled sky-high in our house. Housekeeping has ground to a spectacular halt, and it is becoming more evident every day exactly what it is I ‘do with myself all day long’. Hurrumph!!

Today, it is feeling the best since I went to the chiro on Monday, but it is still pretty tender. The referred pain has buggered off, so I’m not feeling it in my knees anymore, which is great.

On the other hand, every now and then, my hip has been making some most unwelcome clicks, which I live in dread of at this stage. I really don’t want that fecker to pop out again, necessitating another trip to the chiro and another week’s recovery. No thanks.

I have my supportive back brace on, which makes it feel a lot more stable. I’m holding thumbs like mad that the joint is in, and regular programming can resume around here, lol.

Back pain is just so debilitating! It takes over your life and makes the simplest tasks so difficult.

This is a throwback (once again, no pun!) of the period in my life that I was walking with such difficulty due to the MS. It seems to have made that joint very unstable and prone to giving trouble. Suppose I had better just look on the bright side and be dang glad that I don’t have any trouble walking around anymore, which is giving the SI joint its best shot at being more dependable.

So that’s my back woes. Hoping to report ever better news in this regard as the month continues 🙂

(Typical! I lugged myself around the garden to water my poor, neglected roses and vegetable-plants, and shortly after, it starts to rain! Actually, very happy about the rain, we really needed it 🙂  )

Written by Maggie

November 2, 2012 at 5:30 pm

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