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Today was a really great Sunday.

Some of Michael’s relatives came to visit today and it was a lot of fun.

Michael started off the day by playing a round of golf with his cousin Ian. Both of them seemed to enjoy it immensely, with Ian beating Michael by one point. There is sure to be a rematch sometime.

After that we all (Michael’s parents, Michael and I, his Aunt Barbara and Uncle Graham, and cousin Ian, with his partner and 2 kids) adjourned to sis-in-law Mel’s house, where she and her hubby hosted a braai for all of us. It was laid-back and relaxed and I’m sure everyone enjoyed it thoroughly. Isn’t it funny how family gatherings are always so lekker, and yet we let ages and ages go by before the next one?!

Also contributing to the niceness of the day, was that Melany, who backs up photo’s religiously, has an album of photo’s of Michael and I, including our wedding, that she is going to put on a flash-drive for me. I haven’t gotten around to that part of the catch-up yet, but I somehow managed to lose a whole bunch of photo’s taken in the first couple of years of our marriage that I really like. We look like such babies in some of those photo’s. We were terribly young, some of us (me) only in our very early twenties, lol.

I honestly don’t kow how it happened. I was in charge of backing up the photo’s on our old desk-top computer before formatting it. I think that there were two albums with the same name (M & M). The one was a huge folder with many sub-folders. The other consisted of a sum total of 4 (ugly) photo’s. All I can think of, is that the small folder overwrote the big one with the sub-folders. Epic fail on my part! In my defense, the computer was giving a lot of trouble, suddenly shutting down with no warning whatsoever. It was a project in itself just to get the computer to stay on for longer than 5 minutes. Perhaps when I transferred the photo’s it didn’t complete the task properly, and I didn’t realise it, because it appeared to have done a proper job, according to the spot-checks I did.

Long story short, I lost a lot of photo’s and I’ve been depressed about it, and Melany has many of the lost ones on her laptop. Bless!!!

Adding to the general feel goodiness of the day is that it seems *touch wood* as though my back is finally starting to feel like itself again. In the back of my mind, I was convinced that I would have to go back to the chiro for another adjustment and suffer for another week while it settled down. My right hip was still feeling so stiff and immobile. But I can actually bend over again. Didn’t think I’d ever say it, but I’m looking forward to cleaning my house tomorrow!

I am now a bit obsessed with saving photo’s. I feel they are pretty safe on my blog 🙂 So here is one of M and I taken today. Two of our nephews came to visit us after the party to play some play station games. How handy 🙂 I recruited the eldest, Quintus, to take a photo of us.

The shirt I am wearing was a gift from my aunt Margie. She bought it in Paris, while on her European tour recently. I wore it today for the first time, and must confess that I do love it more than a little bit. Quite a funky piece of clothing, and comes all the way from France!

Slight problem with underwear, though. Couldn’t wear a decent bra because of bra-straps showing. And I hate strapless bras. They have straps for a reason, dammit. So I got myself some of them see-through straps that all the teenagers are wearing from Mr Price, for 20 bucks. And I love them!! I hate bra straps showing – it looks so tacky. And yet I am always shoving my straps up my shoulders, no matter how much I tighten them. See-through is way better, I think on par with the invention of the wheel. Ha ha. (Okay maybe not that historic…) Anyway, can you see any straps? Thought not.

(By the way, love taking photo’s with a cheap cell camera. No need to photoshop, as it doesn’t show pesky detail like wrinkles or frown-lines. Or zits, uneven skin-tone, freckles, etc. Win.)

Also in today’s line-up: Cutest photo of Teddy, ever… He happened to be in the right place at the right time and got snapped. As usual, I said, “Hey Teds. Wanna go for a walk?” Evil, I know, but it always gets a good expression from him.

And finally, what I was actually trying to photograph… my Bride’s Dream rose. This plant nearly up and died, and this is its first decent bloom in over two years. Maybe three…

Isn’t it gorgeous? 

That’s it then, peeps. See ya tomorrow. Four days, done and dusted, and going strong!

Written by Maggie

November 4, 2012 at 9:05 pm

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  1. I’m so glad I have some of your photos! I would be devastated if I had to have something like that happen to me!!! I loved that shirt. I wanted to compliment you on it but somehow never did. You did look ever so smart in it too.


    November 6, 2012 at 3:48 pm

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