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Veggie garden – part one.

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This season, I planted a couple of different veggies in our garden, namely: gemsquash, lettuce, tomatoes, one lone baby marrow plant and some spinach.

Here is the entry titled Gem Squash in Wikipedia. I thought it was pretty interesting. South Africans do like their gems…

Gem squash

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
South African Gem Squash.JPG

Gem squash (Cucurbita pepo) is a variety of summer squash that was domesticated from two wild varieties; Cucurbita texana found in the southern and central United States and Cucurbita fraterna found in Mexico[1] The dark green spherical fruit, when fully ripe, is about the size of a softball (slightly larger than a tennis ball). The fruit needs to be boiled or baked in order to render it palatable. The young fruit is often harvested before it is ripe (about golf ball size) due to its having a more delicate flavour and texture.

Commonly served vegetable in South Africa, often boiled or baked. The cooked gem squash is then generally cut in half, and the inside is commonly covered in butter or brown sugar to enhance flavour.


Okay, me again. Apparently, Gems are among the things that ex-pats miss most about SA, often having the seeds shipped to wherever they are and cultivating them in, for example, the South of France. Let’s face it, all of us Saffies grew up with our ‘half a gem squash’ frequenting dinner plates. Sometimes filled with tinned sweetcorn. Ring a bell?

Anyway, homegrown gems are much better than shop-bought ones. Softer and tastier. So I planted some seeds, and they have grown into nice gem plants, imagine that. They are flowering at present. Beautiful, big, yellow flowers. And under some of these flowers, are little baby gems 🙂

I’m enjoying the whole process immensely.

The garden furniture has been strategically placed over my ‘veggie garden’ to protect said from the hounds. In their defense, it is the exact spot where they like to look out at the passing parade in the street. They still have a view, though, it has just moved on to the right.

So with any luck, in a couple of weeks time, we will be eating some fresh homegrown veggies. We are already eating the Cos Lettuce that I grew from seed and it is quite delicious! And so handy. I have a terrible habit of buying lettuce and then not using it all in time, so it ends up being thrown away. Now I only pick when I need, and only the amount that I need. And it’s so fresh!

I really am trying to feed Michael and I in a healthy manner. I’m trying to up the amount of fresh, raw salads that we eat, which is kind of an uphill battle, as we do reset very easily to convenience food, and rubbishy snacks.

I vasilate between feeding us really healthy, if somewhat bland, meals, to serving up not-so-healthy but much more tasty and easy meals. I get stuck in a rut sometimes.

I’ve been threathening to draw up a proper menu planning thingy, but so far I haven’t actually done it. On the to-do list!

I haven’t uploaded my veggie garden photies yet, which is why this post is titled Part 1.


In other news:

Went to visit my dad at the hospital tonight, and he is looking surprisingly well. The op was much more successful than the previous one he had, on his other hip. The pain seems to be much more manageable, also. If all goes well, he will be going home on Saturday. I am so very grateful that he is okay, and that it went well. Now just hoping for a speedy recovery!

My own back/ hip is still bugging me. It definitely isn’t quite right. Not so bad that I’m considering going anywhere near the chiro again at this stage. I’ll take stock next week and consider it. For now, I have things to do. Can’t be holed up in bed for another week!



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November 7, 2012 at 10:36 pm

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