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Of iPad’s and Origami lessons

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This morning we all went to see my parents and give my dad his iPad from our sister in Oz.

He was very surprised, to say the least. And then we all tried to overwhelm him with information by speaking at once 🙂

He is looking so good, considering he only had the surgery done on Tuesday. He is walking with ease on crutches.

I think the iPad is a big hit. And figuring it out and getting it going is going to be a nice diversion and entertainment while he is recuperating.

(The spelling of ‘recuperating’ looked so odd that I had to do a search on Google for it just to make sure. Why I mention it, is that Michael taught me something I didn’t know this week. We both use Google Chrome as our search engine. I find it by far the best that I have used yet. Anyway, he told me you can do a search on Google Chrome by typing your search words into the top (address) bar. Wow! That is a nice touch, Google. So quick.)

Now, I was aware of taking photo’s today so that I would actually have something to blog about tonight instead of scrabbling about for topics and coming up empty-handed.

Yesterday, I told Melany’s boy, Zander, that he could come and visit us if he likes today (Sunday) and him and I could make an origami dog. He seemed fascinated by this origami I spoke of. I told him to bring his scrap paper along when he came, too, so we could practise.

I also told him not to wait at his gate for us the whole afternoon, as we had some other stuff to do first, and that we’d phone him. It is too heart-breaking if he sits and waits and waits for us while we faff (faff – another Google search 😉  ) about. His brothers are writing exams, so have to study over the weekends.

Anyway, so he got here and we folded the dog. I didn’t take a photo of that, but frankly it was a bit of a disappointment. And he said that they had already made one like it at school. So we selected a more advanced dog and started downloading the video for it. But then he asked if we couldn’t make a boat (I had mentioned a boat to him last night) while we waited for the dog video to download.

Well, the boat tutorial was such a success that we never did get around to the other dog. We figured it out together (With some very valuable input from him, I might add) and made our first boat. The guy in the video demonstrated it so well, and then showed his boat floating in a basin of water at the end. Well! We just had to get a basin for our own boat and lo and behold, it floated. Much excitement. We proceeded to make another six or so boats and can now do it with our eyes closed!

Here is our boat. This is folded from one square of paper. It’s really quite clever. You fold and fold and fold and then turn the whole thing inside out and voila! A boat. That floats and everything 😉





And here it is doing its thing in the basin of water…









And here is Zander with his best one that he selected to give to his mom. We put a rose in it for an extra special touch…











After that, we played a game or two of Snakes & Ladders on Uncle Michael’s iPad.

I don’t know who had more fun, him or me.

(He said it was his best day ever – kids are so kind, lol)

And he thanked me so nicely for introducing him to Origami.

I’ve always wanted an Origami buddy. Looks like I’ve found one.

Now, I don’t think there is anyone that knows me, that isn’t aware of how heartbroken I am that I don’t have kids of my own.

But really, I have so many wonderful kids in my family. It’s not the same. But it’s something. I mean here is this little boy absolutely begging to come and spend time with us.

And my sister Sonja’s two love to come and visit us. And my sister Annie’s daughter Sarah-Kate, too. To mention only some of them.

Actually Sonja has roped me into taking her daughter, Cayleigh, to gymnastics once a week next year. I have always loved gymnastics and really regret not having taken classes when I was young. So now I get to live vicariously through Cayleigh. Yay!

Always a silver-lining. Always.

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November 11, 2012 at 10:13 pm

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  1. Thank you SO much for taking him on Sunday. He had so much fun. He made a boat for his teacher and every other person who looked like they may want one 😉 He is very impressed. Frankly, so am I. We filled the bath with some water and he was playing with those boats as though they were made of wood. Amazing actually. All my kids love visiting you but Zander most I think. Some nights, he will even cry if he thought that he would be able to visit and then ended up not going. He loves you guys a lot…but like I said…all my boys do.


    November 14, 2012 at 10:55 am

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