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Whoops! Genuinely forgot until this very minute about doing a blog post today.

Not too much news.

My back is a lot better, for which I am so very thankful.

Unfortunately, I feel a bit off. Tired and lacklustre. I have no idea why.

Today has been very rainy. Thankfully, the drains are holding up – whatever seems to have caused the blockage must have come out yesterday. So today’s rains only aided in cleaning away the stinky residue and smell.

I made us a nice lunch of baked fish, quinoa, veggies and carrot salad, and then promptly dropped the fish on the kitchen floor when I took it out of the oven. (The pan burnt my hand through the oven glove and it was a reflex action). I lifted the fish off the floor. It’s crumbing on the bottom remained behind, and as that was the only part that was in contact with the floor, I reckoned it was good to eat. Michael not so much. He point-blank refused, so the Chows and I ate his piece between us.

For supper, we had some oxtail soup. (Oxtail in name only, there was no meat in it, lol) But the packet said Rich Oxtail, and with the addition of a whole lot of veggies and onions and tomatoes it came out alright.

Now, about my title, Kobo Reader:

I have been so into Kobo for well over a year now. I downloaded the free Kobo app onto my laptop, and more recently onto my cellphone, when I got an android.

It has really done a lot for my reading. I love reading, but let’s face it, books are pricey!

I don’t know how they do it, but Kobo’s book are hugely discounted. As well as having over a million free books, they also have great savings on current titles.

In addition to that, they release promo codes and coupons on various sites, such as couponcabin, and retailmenot, to mention a few. I got so many books at 50% discount, or 45% or 30%. As the books are already discounted, it makes them so cheap that I can afford a good couple of titles a month, of my favourite authors latest books.

It has been a bit hard on my eyes, though, what with the back-lighting on my laptop and cellphone. I was very keen on a Kobo Reader, but they weren’t available in SA for love or money.

Then I got an email from Pick ‘n Pay to say that they have the exclusive rights to sell Kobo Readers for a year, in SA.

Michael wanted to buy me a Kindle for quite some time, but I told him not to, as my books are all on Kobo, and thus not compatible. But I was impressed with their (Kindle’s) e-ink technology. No back-lighting, just like reading on ordinary paper, they say.

As it turns out, Kobo also has the e-ink thing going.

When Michael found out that Pick ‘n Pay are selling Kobo readers, he bought me one the very next day. (My back was giving me so much trouble that week, so I was delighted. I was spending a fair amount of time in bed, so it was lovely to have a snazzy new reader.) What a great gift. How spoilt am I?

I synced my existing library by logging into my account on the reader, and voila!

Been having a great time with it. Tonight I bought one of Carole Matthews’ books ‘Summer Daydreams’ for only R42.55. I can tell I am going to enjoy it a lot. Lovely light reading. Her books are so feel-good πŸ™‚ Just what I need right now.

Here is a quick snap of it… a little out of focus, but as you can see, no back-lighting. It is hooked up to my computer, busy charging. The first charge that it has needed. The battery lasts for about two weeks, isn’t that great? It is lying on top of its cover, which opens up like a small leather-bound book πŸ™‚




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November 13, 2012 at 10:38 pm

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