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Beary the Alpha :-)

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Beary is such a little bitch sometimes. I love her, but she can be so mean to Ted if she feels like it.

I’m sitting at my pc, eating a rusk, and the two of them are mooching at my feet, so every now and then, I give them both a piece.

Teddy decided he’d go and have a little snooze on his couch, which is on the other side of the room. Beary remained at my feet.

I offered her a piece of rusk, which she rejcted and left lying on the floor. So I picked it up and tossed it towards Ted. It skittered across the tiles and came to a stop just below the couch.

Madam Beary then took off like a crazed predator for that piece of rusk. Luckily, Teddy made no bid for it, or there would have been trouble.

How is that for being a dog in a manger? She didn’t want it herself, but when I offered it to Ted, then was nearly hell to pay!

I hurried over with another piece for Teddy. He actually hesitated before taking it, casting a wary look at her first.

This was all mildly amusing, as our dogs are generally not food-aggressive towards each other at all. But occasionally (usually over biltong) someone will take a stand and there will be a fight.

I must add that it is very much mock-fighting. A lot of blustering and rising up on hindlegs, but no actual biting. It’s rather intimidating though, and I like to avoid it. So when Beary gets that look in her eye, I try and divert her.

It is our own fault that she thinks she is the Alpha. When we got Teddy, we were so afraid that he would get much bigger than her and dominate her totally, that we always fed her first, to establish the pecking order. It worked too well, alas.

Teddy is so gentle with her, too, and only puts his foot down with her when she really takes things too far. For instance, she is allowed to eat his left-overs, (and he always leaves her some) but only once he is done eating.

Having said all this, there is no mistaking how much they love each other. They are forever giving each other little kisses and when they go outside, or for walks, they are always together, side by side. It’s very sweet.

Written by Maggie

November 14, 2012 at 10:24 pm

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  1. I at last think I saw how to respond to your blogs Maggie 🙂 I’ve been following them and enjoy them xxx


    Marie Archer

    November 15, 2012 at 11:05 am

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