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Well, I just passed the half-way mark of blogging every day in November.

It’s been quite challenging. But I haven’t missed a single day yet, and it is serving the purpose of firing up my old blog again 🙂

Today was nice.

I went to the church bazaar to get lunch (and supper for that matter) for us. LOVE church bazaar Fridays – no cooking!

We had a boere-wors roll each for lunch, and afterwards a bazaar pudding, which is a mixture of jelly, custard, tinned fruit and instant pudding. It was so delicious!

I’m not a big fan of wors rolls. Especially the wors part. But these were delicious. The wors had a smoked flavour and they put the most marvellous relish all over it.

For supper, we had curry and rice, with a green salad that I whipped up using my own homegrown lettuce. And some bottled beetroot slices. And for dessert, cupcakes. Lovely, fluffy cupcakes, homemade by the church-ladies. Very nice.

I’m feeling better than I did earlier in the week. I couldn’t really fathom why I was feeling so tired and lack-lustre. Just a general malaise. And then I noticed my new Kobo’s leather cover sitting right under my nose on the table next to my laptop. The leather had obviously been treated with some chemical and had quite a strong smell.

Due to my sensitivity to chemicals, I can immediately pick up if something contains any harmful/ toxic chemicals. As soon as I took the cover out of its packaging, I knew there was something up with it. But I was enjoying playing with my new toy too much to really take notice of what my sense of smell was telling me.

I had these low-grade headaches every day and the feeling of tiredness, which I couldn’t put my finger on. Well, I think it was right under my nose the whole time. Literally.

As soon as the penny dropped, I took the Kobo out of its case, and put the case by the kitchen window-sill, where it could air out, and more importantly, be away from me. Oh, and I had the windows open to air the place out.

I noticed an improvement immediately. The headaches left, and I perked right up. And the case is smelling a lot less offensive, too. I reckon it will be fine in another week or so. It was just that the chemicals had been contained in the plastic packaging, but they seem to wearing off now.

Just goes to show how we are bombarded by harmful chemicals in our modern-day lives.

In other news, we had a whole swarm of flying-ants here today. I’m not sure if that is the correct name – we actually call them ‘rain-ants’ because their arrival always heralds imminent rainfall. It’s a strange thing  – first they shed their wings, which then lie all over the place and have to be swept up, and then they scuttle about on the ground, robbed of the ability to fly.

And then they get chased all over the place by my Chows.

Teddy was so surprised when he went outside to the garden and saw all these bugs (and there were a lot) scurrying about. He chased them, played with them, ate some and had quite a fabulous time. It was funny to watch. And yes, we did get rain. And an absolutely howling wind, too. All calm now, though.

I am reading Helen Fielding’s Bridget Jones: The edge of reason  for the umpteenth time, and enjoying it as much as the first time.

So I got to thinking, wouldn’t it be absolutely wonderful if Helen were to write a third instalment in her Bridget Jones series?

This was more a pleasant fantasy than anything else. She wrote the last one in 1999.

Nonetheless, I googled it, and imagine my delighted surprise when the results showed that on the 9th of Novemeber this year (ie 2012)

Helen Fielding announced to journalists that she is writing a third Bridget Jones novel and that a third movie is planned, also.

Yay, yay, YAY!

She said if readers laugh as much reading it as she is doing writing it, then everyone will be very happy.

Can’t wait. I am such a Bridget Jones fan.


I spoke to my baby sis on the phone tonight and told her that I bought Carole Matthews ‘Summer Daydreams’ on Kobo, and she can log onto my account to read it if she likes.

She said that she had been wanting to buy this exact same book recently, but put it back on the shelf due to it being over R300 at the book store. I gleefully told her that I got it for R42. Have I mentioned that I love Kobo?

Speaking of which, I think I’ll go read some before bed 😉

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November 16, 2012 at 10:20 pm

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